Time to take Freezeout Challenge

“Skating” or racing are all part of the annual Freezeout Challenge returning to Emmett, Jan. 18.

Whether it will be snow covered, slushy, dry, or just cold — the road running challenges of Freezeout Hill are at hand. The 2020 version of the annual “fun” runs called the Freezeout Challenge will take off at 10 a.m., Saturday, Jan. 18.

Registration is open to runners of all ages.

The Course starts and finishes at the Gem County Fairgrounds.

Organizers say “it should be cold, it should be hard, but it should be great! Beat old man winter, or Mr. Freezeout by taking on the challenge of both the environment and the hill.”

Defending champions are: 16-year-old Max Louth of Kuna who won the men’s division of the 12K run in a time of 43:10.50 last January; and Amber Nicholson of Boise who won the women’s division in a time of 49:02.9.

The loop course is a 12K (over six and a half miles), and the short course (no Freezeout Hill) is a 6K or just under four miles. Both courses are considered challenging and great training runs for other events later in the year.

While on the county roads in Emmett the course will “follow the Rules of the Road” running on the right with traffic, however the roads used aren’t very populated nor busy, and Old Freezeout will be closed to the public.

Registration is now open at cityoftreesmarathon.com/freezeout-challenge.

There is a late entry fee after January 12th, 2020.

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