Animals win battle at youth rodeo

Staying on the calf proved a challenge in the calf riding event.

For many of the riding events at the 2019 Gem/Boise County Youth Rodeo on Thursday evening, the animals controlled the pace and the results. Two events, mutton bustin’ and novice bareback saw no one post a score as the required time limit was never reached.

In other events, a handful of riders were able to muster scores and take home belt buckles for winning their events.

Top three placers in each event at the 2019 Gem/Boise Youth Rodeo:

Junior Breakaway — Caseyn Pearson, 2.50; Raimee Pearson, 4.02; Taylor Hack, 6.42.

Junior Calf Riding — Case Crockett, 72; Caydie Buffington, 65.

Pee Wee Pole Bending — Josie Jett Warrick, 27.228.; Gladys King 31.70; Sylver Cotton, 36.357.

Junior Pole Bending — Madison Backus, 22.521; Cassidy Crockett, 23.512; Tylee Warrick, 23.533.

Steer Riding — Billy Martin 71, Grant Bayes, 67.

Goat Tying — Jade Totten, 8.76; Taylor Hack 11.78; Cassidy Crockett 15.81.

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Chute Dogging — Bonner Paradis 15.97; Caleb Renauld 23.57; Andrew Palmer 33.05.

Pee Wee Barrels — Jayden Ashbaugh, 18.015; Sylver Cotton, 23. 198; Beau Darrin Clayton, 23.253.

Novice Saddle Bronc — Cade Biggers, 65.

Senior Barrels Qualifiers — Kylee Warrick, 17.352; Josie Jet Warrick, 17.631; Kylee Branch, 17.684.

Novice Bulls — Bryce Crimin, 72; Dub Patrick 69; Quinn Strong 56.

Junior Barrels — Randi Shippy, 16.493; Jade Totten 16.847; Cassidy Crockett 17.373.

Hide Race — Bonner and Jordan Paradis; Grace King and Cody Askew.

Full results of the 2019 Gem/Boise ICA Rodeo will appear in the Aug. 14 edition of the Messenger Index.

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