Randy Stapilus

Randy Stapilus

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The first county clerk I ever met — this was in the mid-70s — was Walter Fry of Canyon County. He was a lively character and over the years sometimes made newspaper headlines he probably would rather not have had, but he ran his office well, and what most sticks in my memory about him was the pride he took in it.

He would show the rookie reporter around his operation, pointing to the experienced and skilled staff and new equipment and approaches to make his operation work more efficiently and accurately. Fry had a little of the salesman’s soul, but his deep commitment to getting the job done right was unmistakable. And he wasn’t proven wrong while I was there.

Randy Stapilus is a former Idaho newspaper reporter and editor and blogs at www.ridenbaugh.com. He can be reached at stapilus@ridenbaugh.com. His new book What Do You Mean by That? has just been released and can be found at http://www.ridenbaugh.com/whatdoyoumeanbythat/ and on Amazon.com.