Grip or Gripe?

Del Gray

It has been said that “change is inevitable, growth is optional.”

How an individual or a community manages change to achieve a desired growth is the challenge and journey facing each of us. It is the process that has been ongoing in communities across the nation for decades and certainly at a more intense pace in the past decade or so in the Treasure Valley.

For the past forty years Gem County has sporadically acknowledged the pending increase in the pace of change and has perhaps come to a point today where the inevitable has arrived. Our choices, individually and collectively, will determine if growth on our terms will be the outcome.

The components required to achieve growth out of change, however, are many. The sacrifices required are substantial. The vision required is broad and far-reaching. The commitments required, deep.

None of these variables are new. They are the same basic tenants that our forefathers wrestled with and embraced or rejected since the settling of the Valley of Plenty in the 1800s.

The examples of doing it right and doing it wrong are just a few miles away. Do we take a grip on growth, or do we continue to gripe and ignore realities?

Taking a grip does not require total control. In fact, it’s a matter of obtaining a grasp on the facts, taking hold of a vision, and guiding our families toward the community we desire Emmett and Gem County to be.

Over the next several weeks the Messenger Index will be exploring some of the complex layers of community driven growth. We invite you to join us in detailing what has already been done, what needs to be redone, and what steps still need to be taken to further the journey from inevitable change to reasonable and fulfilling growth.

Opportunities still exist to avoid the mistakes made by the rapid growth near us.

Together let’s get a grip on growth, temper the emotional gripes into civil discussion, and find what the future Gem County can and should be. If not for ourselves, for our kids and grandkids.

Send your ideas, concerns and questions to We will see if we can help you find answers or at least better understanding.

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