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At a time when the Biden Administration’s reckless policies are fueling record inflation and supply chain disruptions, we must ensure all Idahoans can find ways to cope, including through relief at the pump. I support a robust market for clean fuels and transportation that makes adoption of electric vehicles (EV) and other innovative technologies more affordable and attainable, not just for those with deep pockets. Regrettably, EV provisions under discussion in the Build Back Better Act (BBBA) run counter to those goals. The proposals currently being considered would limit consumer choice; discriminate against right-to-work states, such as Idaho, and American workers who choose not to unionize; subsidize luxury vehicle purchases by the well-to-do; and hamstring the United States’ ability to compete in foreign markets. That is why I am urging my Democrat colleagues to shelve their proposals.

The federal government should not pick clear winners and losers in the free marketplace. While the BBBA purports to provide a tax credit of up to $12,500 to support adoption of EVs, this enhanced credit would not just be for any EV, or even most EVs. Some American consumers may prefer to continue buying the country’s best-selling EV, the EV with the longest range, or perhaps the most affordable EV on the market. Yet none of those vehicles is eligible for the full credit under the bill. Of the 50 EVs presently for sale in the United States, only two models of the same car are eligible for the full $12,500 under the proposal. Americans should not have 96 percent of their choices in the marketplace penalized, as would occur with the Democrats’ proposal.

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