Wind Damage

This large tree was one of two old trees to topple on homes in a single block of Hayes St. in Emmett.

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High winds caused a variety of challenges for Gem County residents during the night of March 28. At least two homes received significant damage when trees were toppled by the high winds that struck about midnight.

According to the Gem County Sheriff’s Dispatch office, numerous calls were received over a three hour period for downed trees including one that downed power lines on West Idaho. That power outage affected about 1,700 customers on the bench area and west of Emmett. Road closures were put in place during the night for Jackson, UA, Central until the down power lines were cleared.

Two large trees came down on a single block of Hayes Street in Emmett, each landing on the roof of a home and each causing significant damage. Branches pierced the roof of at least one of the homes and damages were inflicted on one chimney. Both homes were occupied but residents have had to evacuate with roof structures were being evaluated.

Mike Knittel, IT Director for the City of Emmett, reported no disruption of services in town. “No power outage impacted any of our sewer or water systems,” Knittel said.

It was noted that evergreen trees appeared to be the most likely to receive damage from the winds. Most deciduous trees are still just in a budding stage and not having a full leaf canopy to be as impacted by the wind.

For most citizens it appears that wind damage was primarily limited to garbage cans being tossed around and patio furniture being moved and overturned in some instances.

Any damage to early fruit blossoms has yet to be determined.

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