12th Street Project on time and under budget

Looking east, the photo shows the walking path that supplements the sidewalk on the south side of 12th Street between Substation Road and South Johns Avenue.

The $220,000 ITD pathway project grant won last spring by the City of Emmett is starting to produce fruit. Once the curbing is all in and the rapid flashers are installed, the Safe-Route-to-School initiative on 12th Street will be completed on time and under budget.

The extra savings by having the city purchase the rapid flashers directly rather than going through the contractor will allow the Public Works Department to install an extra rapid flasher at Feltham and Substation. This will make a safer corridor connection at Substation and 12th, a terminal point of the main safety corridor down 12th Street. The additional flasher will calm traffic at Feltham when flashing before it reaches the flasher at 12th and Substation.

In good weather, this improvement should encourage older students at Carberry to walk—along with their parents—to and from school, rather than being driven less than a mile to the facility.

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Walking to and from school will benefit the parents electing to walk with their students health-wise, but the students get an added benefit. As Gregory Alexander, Carberry’s popular principal often points out, when students get their hearts pumping the right way before a school day, they do better in the classroom.

The city expects the path and road portion of project to be completed before the new school year begins, which will soon be here. Delivery of the rapid flashers could be delayed until the September time frame, but will be installed as soon as they arrive.

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