Emmett firefighters deploy to California

Emmett firefighters deploy to California.

Governor Brad Little approved an Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) agreement with California to assist with recovery efforts following wildfires.

“Idaho has an amazing depth of emergency management professionals that are willing to step up and help our fellow Americans during their times of need,” Little said. “Their skills and expertise will be an asset as we work with Californians in the disaster response.”

The teams being deployed are from Emmett Fire Department, Parma Fire Department, Sand Hollow Fire Department, and Weiser Rural Fire Department, and include 5 engines and 17 personnel.

“Participation in the EMAC is vital to retaining a strong network of emergency management professionals and resources across the nation,” Idaho Office of Emergency Management Director Brad Richy said. “Idaho has helped with many calls for EMAC support in the past, and we are proud to continue to do so in the future.”

The deployment of state, county, and municipal government employees from Idaho is made possible through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC), a mutual aid agreement between states, created to provide assistance in the event of a disaster. More information is available at https://www.emacweb.org/

The deployment for the teams is expected to last 17 days. Under the EMAC mutual aid agreement, Idaho personnel are paid for their time and service by the requesting state.

Emmett firefighters deploy to California

By Mike Knittle, A City of Emmett press release

Due to the wildfires plaguing California once again, and after consultation with Chief Curt Christensen of the Emmett Fire Department, on Monday, Oct. 28, Mayor Gordon Petrie authorized the deployment of a heavy brush truck with three volunteer Emmett firefighters to California for at least two weeks. The volunteers are Beau Patterson, Engine Boss Trevor Sund, and Brent Willis, all Emmett firefighters. They left on Monday at 2 p.m. to join other members of their Idaho Task Force to continue on to California for assignment.

The State of California recently asked the Idaho Office of Emergency Management “IOEM” for assistance. Under the Emergency Management Assistance Compact “EMAC” states are obligated to help each other when either man-made or natural disasters occur. Emmett, due to past deployments and service in California, constituted one of the first agencies contacted by IOEM for volunteers.

Emmett’s heavy Brush Truck, known as Brush 2, is part of a Task Force of engines that includes Sand Hollow Fire, Parma Fire and Weiser Rural Fire District. They will be considered an Idaho State resource with an assigned Task Force Leader, Fire Chief James Cook who heads the Parma Fire Department.

Tim Perkins, City Mechanic and an Emmett Fire Department Captain, made a thorough check of Brush 2 to verify that it could easily make the trip to California, perform its mission and return. It is possible the three Emmett volunteers will be relieved by another group of Emmett firefighters in two weeks if needed.

“When our firefighters are among the first to be garnered by the state tells me everything I need to know about Chief Christensen’s training program. Please keep these young firefighters in your thoughts and prayers,” commented Mayor Petrie, “as they perform their mission.” prayers,” commented Mayor Petrie, “as they perform their mission.”

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