Emmett School District

Hannah area dairyman Terry Jones was selected by the Emmett Independent School District Board of Trustees, March 6, to fill the open position on the Board. Jones will be officially sworn into the position March 13 at the regular monthly meeting of the Board. He will serve out the remainder of the term vacated with the resignation of Trustee Tim Fleming last month.

Jones and four other members of the current board will all face reelection this fall for new terms of different lengths. All five have been appointed over the past 13 months to fill positions created by resignations. Only Board Chair Jody Harris, elected in 2017, has a term that extends until Dec. 31, 2021.

In his application for the position, Jones stated, “the Emmett School District is struggling with a path forward. How we bring our community along for a successful vote to meet the current and future needs of the families of our community is the question.”

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A nearly forty-year resident of the area, Jones cited his professional experience as a businessman and his community involvement as assets he brings to the board.

“I have experienced the ups and downs of this district from a parent’s point of view, a grandparent’s point of view, and a taxpayers point of view,” Jones said.

Jones has been serving on the volunteer school facilities committee for the past nine months, visiting schools to assess needs and surveying options for solutions. He was chosen from among three applicants for the position who were all interviewed by the board prior to the selection.

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