Blaine and Midnight

Blaine Eggers and Midnight with her Eventing mantra!

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At about 3 p.m. Saturday afternoon, a trophy will be presented at the conclusion of the showjumping and equestrian season at Emmett’s Event Barn. It will represent a lot more than the efforts of the winning equestrian and his or her mount since the series began in April.

The first every Blaine Eggers’ Memorial trophy will also carry with it a lot of history and the valiant efforts of a young horse woman. Eggers’ would be the first to say she would want to be remembered as a horse lover and an “Eventing” competitor.

A competitor whose career was cut short when a few weeks short of her 21st birthday a 12-year battle with diabetes claimed her life. Blaine was first diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at the age of nine but never let it keep her from competing in a sport that her mother Whitney exposed her to early in life.

“Eventing” is an olympic sport that usually entails a three-day competition made up of cross country, dressage, and show jumping. It normally has a stylish English influence in regards to the dress and demeanor of horse and rider.

Locally the competition is normally without the cross country race. In the season long series of monthly events at the Event Barn, 1550 W. South Slope Road, emphasis has been placed on the dressage and jumping elements.

This Saturday both disciplines will be featured. The Dressage competition for up to 40 riders will begin at 9 a.m. It will be followed by the jumping competition which often draws 60 or more horses and riders.

Dressage has a very precise enclosed circuit where judges are assessing both horse and rider for balance, rhythm, suppleness, and most importantly the cooperation between the horse and rider. This event does call for full English riding attire.

The Show Jumping on Saturday is open to Western style riders in addition to the English styles — though all must wear an approved protective head ware (helmet).

Entries for the Dressage are filled but jumpers can be added to the entry list on Saturday.

The public is welcome to attend the day’s competition and remain for the memorial aspects of the day.

At 3 p.m. the season series winner will be presented with the Blaine Eggers Memorial trophy, a traveling award in her memory for all-around, season long performances.

Blaine, an Emmett High graduate, died Nov. 8, 2020 from a diabetes complication called ketoacidosis. She was aware that she had a difficult battle ahead from early on dealing with diabetes. She wrote on a photo taken of her in a jumping pose with her horse Midnight her commitment to the sport of Eventing: “Three phases, two hearts, one passion.”

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