Historic use of mill property honored in rename

Members of the extended Sam Mitchell family gather for the ceremonial renaming of the former Boise Cascade Mill property.

During a groundbreaking ceremony on Saturday, Oct. 26, the former Boise Cascade Mill property was officially renamed the Mitchell Industrial Complex. While the name comes from Sam Mitchell, a 50-year employee of the mill, he serves as a personification of the hard-hat culture and historic impact the mill made on Emmett.

“While we are re-purposing much of the property to meet new needs and opportunities, we will not forget the contributions and history of the thousands who worked here through the generations,” property owner John Wood said. “Fifty years of individual commitment by Sam Mitchell is representative of many of the lives who shaped this community.”

Members of the Mitchell family, including Sam Mitchell’s widow Janie and his 98-year-old mother Maxine, took part in the christening ceremony. The renaming was part of an open house that also gave spectators a chance to see first-hand the area of the complex now known as the Gem State Raceway.

The Mitchell Industrial Complex or MIP is the name for the overall complex that includes the raceway and the Gem on the River RV Park currently under construction. It also includes several industrial firms operating out of former mill buildings on the property, a historic fly wheel display, and several new businesses and entertainment opportunities still to be determined.

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