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With the approval of four teacher grants, the Fall cycle of the Emmett Public School Foundation’s (EPSF) Teacher grants has been completed. Recipients represented a wide variety of our local schools with grants going to Carberry Elementary (2), Emmett Middle School, and Emmett High School. The total amount for this Fall’s cycle of grants was $3,416.

At Carberry Elementary, Lori Eisinger was awarded monies to support her art project investigating in the mystery of the missing Vermeer painting from a Boston, MA museum by reading the book, Chasing Vermeer. The investment of these reusable books will benefit 5th grade students both this current year and years to come. Students will learn to use scientific inquiry and math as a springboard to study the artist and research the theft of this valuable painting. The amount of this grant was $510 for books and the art supplies.

The second Carberry grant was awarded to Ryan Spritzer for curriculum and related materials to support the teaching of life skills. These tools will allow teachers to track student progress towards the goal of life skills, behaviors, and academic growth. $1,000 was given towards this PEAK curriculum that will benefit 25 students.

The Middle School received monies toward Social Emotional Curriculum on a grant written by Laurie Kiester. To assist the counseling department with these lessons, the EPSF funded a color printer, art supplies, curricular supplies and on-line subscriptions to sustain resources and support. With co-teaching, all 6th and 7th grade students at EMS will benefit from these materials to promote health and problem solving. Total amount for this grant was $530.

Finally, Emmett High School’s science teacher, Robin Wilson, was awarded a grant to introduce Genetic Editing Using CRISPR Technology for her Biology and Chemistry students. With this grant, a Bio-Rad educational kit will be purchased that will enable her to teach this concept that is the future of medicine and cell biology. This will be a required area for students planning on entering the medical field as a career. Research from this approach will also support things like improving shelf life for food security and reducing pathogens affecting global populations. The cost of this enhanced curriculum is $1,379 from the EPSF.

This educational support is made possible by the EPSF through interest generated from invested monies from the Gay and Dean Welch fund that allows the Foundation annual money to award these grants. Additional funds are generated by individual donations and memorials used for similar requests throughout the school year. These sources will allow us to fund another cycle of Teacher Grants in January 2021. The EPSF is very grateful for each and every donation towards the enhancement of educational experiences here in our local schools. For more information, contact the Emmett School District office or website.

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