Entities come together for Safe Route to School

Emmett Public Works Superintendent Clint Seamons shows Mayor Gordon Petrie the 60” culvert being installed near Carberry Elementary on 12th Street.

As part of the city’s safe routes to schools initiative begun four years ago by Mayor Petrie, three different governing entities recently came together to install a 60-inch culvert at the Gem County Drainage District #1 site approximately a quarter-mile west of Carberry Elementary School.

While hardly a Devil’s Triangle dilemma, the City of Emmett, Gem County and the Last Chance Ditch Company, still had considerable coordination to do. First, the north side of the road is owned by the city, while the south side of the road is owned by the county. Who pays what?

Clint Seamons and Neal Capps worked that out quickly. The county paid for the culvert and the city installed it. But none of that would have been possible without Doyle Fackler coordinating with affected irrigators to redirect their drainage, allowing for the digging and placement of the new culvert.

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The new culvert, almost twice the size of the obsolete one it replaced, now provides for wider shoulders on both sides of the road. This supports the walking path soon to be installed on the south side. Heading east, pedestrians come to a cross walk about 100 yards from the new culvert. There, walkers will soon find a newly installed rapid flasher similar to the one at the Middle School allowing for a safe cross to the sidewalk on the north side of 12th street to complete their walk to Carberry.

“This entire effort supports our “one dig” model we try to adhere to,” commented Mayor Petrie. “This allows us to dig once when doing road work for our utility needs, such as water or sewer upgrades or installation of fiber conduit. That way we don’t have to dig up brand new asphalt where such coordination did not take place. I very much appreciate the assistance given by Mr. Capps and Mr. Fackler on this project. I can’t wait to see it completed before the new school year begins.”

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