Domestic Violence Training during Domestic Violence Abuse Month

Nampa Police Department Officer Cpl. Angela Weekes addresses attendees during the Domestic Violence training conducted at the Emmett City Hall on Sept. 30, in partnership with Rose Advocates and the Nampa Police Department.

The Emmett Police Department in partnership with ROSE Advocates, an advocacy group for survivors of domestic violence, and the Nampa Police Department, hosted a one-day training for law enforcement at Emmett City Hall dealing with domestic violence issues, including detection and successful prosecution.

According to a City of Emmett press release, the collaborative effort resulted in twenty different law enforcement officers from across the Treasure Valley assembling in Emmett for the training seminar, which was instructed by a state and nationally certified instructor in domestic violence, Cpl. Angela Weekes, of the Nampa Police Department. Reducing domestic violence in Emmett is one of the operational goals of the Emmett Police Department, so this training was well-timed in conjunction with October being recognized as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

This training comprises the third tuition-free regional training conducted under the sponsorship of the Emmett Police Department in 2019. Sponsoring the training in Emmett allows the city to save money since our officers don’t have to travel out of town, reducing fuel, lodging and per diem costs. At the same time, the Emmett Police Department is able to build better professional relationships with other law enforcement agencies, which allows networking, creation of innovative new ideas from other agencies while sharing our successes in training, techniques and practices.

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By sponsoring this regional training, other agencies have noticed an uptick in how Emmett performs and does business, particularly including the community as part of the team approach to policing. The Idaho Domestic Violence Coalition provided lunch for attendees and Emmett thanks them for great training.

Media contact Mike Knittel, Emmett Mayor for information call 208-398-2100.

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