Charges filed in Emmett school bus incident

Anna Brown

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A former Emmett School bus driver has been charged with misdemeanor injury to a child following a three-month investigation of an incident aboard a school bus on April 12. Anna Brown was issued an arrest warrant on July 31 and posted bond to the charge on Aug 2. Arraignment in magistrate court is scheduled for August 14.

Brown is accused of assaulting of 9-year-old special needs student on her bus while attempting to get the student to comply with a seating request. The police investigation was spurred by a complaint filed by the student’s parent, Jennifer Harvey, after having viewed a video of the incident taken by an on-bus camera.

At one point in the video the driver, identified as Brown, can be heard saying apparently to the child, “I don’t care if I hurt you.” The video release to the media was delayed by the Emmett School District in an effort to protect the identity of the minor but was eventually made public after several public record requests were filed.

Brown resigned her position with the school district prior to complaints being filed with the Emmett Police Department.

According to information provided by Harvey, the incident took place at the school bus area at Shadow Butte Elementary School. Harvey said that her son, who has a sensory perception disorder, was assaulted moments after getting onto the school bus to go home for the day.

The Emmett Police Department commented to the Messenger Index in late May that a decision regarding the status of the case would be available shortly. No statement has been issued by the department and only court documents reveal the action taken last week.

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