Senior makes big impact for Make-A-Wish

The Original Rocketeers, a Boise-based “Oldies Band” performed free of charge at the Emmett City Park band shell “Huskies for Hope” event.

Over the years Emmett’s band shell at the Emmett City Park has hosted hundreds of events. Many involved fundraising. Yet perhaps one of the most successful in terms of societal impact occurred on Monday night, July 8. Tenney Kunka, daughter of Steve and Amy Kunka, put together and hosted the “Huskies for Hope” benefit concert as part of her senior project.

“I had a modest goal of $1,000,” explained Tenney, “but the generosity shown by those who came just blew me away! We raised well over $2,000.”

The show started with Tenney’s friends and family singing songs and playing instruments. Heidi Bruno and Stephanie Christensen presented a moving and special song tribute to honor Holly Bruno, Heidi’s young child. Holly succumbed to cancer a few years ago.

The last half of the show was just foot stompin’ old time rock ‘n’ roll with The Original Rocketeers. The Boise-based band waived their travel and performance fee for the benefit.

“The Rocketeers are amazing,” commented Tenney. “I knew of them from Mayor and Pat Petrie’s 50th Wedding Anniversary party. When I called to ask if they would perform for this benefit and do it for free because I had no money to pay them, they did not hesitate one bit. They are so kind and generous. And I love their music, too!”

La Costa Mexican restaurant catered the event and donated a substantial sum from their sales as well. The money raised will go to Make-A-Wish’s general fund.

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