Preparing our pets for coming heat

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Soon it will happen, we will all be looking forward to warm days and sunshine and flower and vegetable gardens!

Then suddenly it’s 97 degrees and the bugs appear from their hidden winter places! They all tend to want to live in the house and I refuse to allow that! The common housefly is the worst in my book, except for spiders! Flies crawl around on all forms of yuck including feces (I try to use proper words for poop!) then they want to crawl around on my food and the edge of my tea glass with their dirty little feet! I realize they are part of the system and have a job to do on this earth! I just don’t want them in the house!

Warmer weather can often sneak up on us! With this being said we need to start preparing our animals for the heat, possibly with a spring wellness check, just like with people!

Getting vaccinations updated and that should always include rabies vaccinations.

Flea and tick season is upon us so ordering that preventative is essential! I am mainly speaking of dogs and cats. For those that have chickens, rabbits and livestock of any kind they too need prepared for warmer days to come!

From my earliest memories I have lived with dogs and cats in the house! We have two cats and in their 11 or so years they have never set foot outside! I would like to think all dogs live in the house with their humans. For the cat fanciers, the feline should too! But over the years as Animal Control I witnessed those that did not! I understand and accept that not all folks like or want animals in the house. Often dog quarters are at the far back of the yard and consist of a chain link kennel with a tarp on top and an igloo dog house! I have to admit I feel bad for them but many dogs live that way to a ripe old age.

The human animal contact can consist of twice a day feeding and letting the dog out to romp for a while! Personal preferences are just that. If a person grew up with no dogs allowed inside, it’s very normal for the dog to live in the backyard! They too need shade and fresh water and wellness checks.

Then social media has millions of dogs laying sprawled across couches snuggled up to their human! Curled up by the heater in winter or laying over the air conditioning vent in summer they will adjust to living with us! I would also like to mention dogs that need grooming! One call in particular stands out! The dog was a cocker spaniel mix and had a fine but thick coat of hair. The dog lived in the backyard of an elderly person that could no longer keep the dog due to health issues. One of the many owner turn ins that most shelters deal with.

At the shelter I met a friendly dog of about 25 pounds tan in color. The dog had hair that was matted to the skin! I took the dog to a groomer that peeled the matted hair off like a dirty coat! The flies had laid eggs on the rear end of the dog and it was covered in maggots! In about two weeks this little happy tan dog was free of any issues! She got adopted and as far as I know lived happily ever after! I would say at least once a week to examine your dog and cat for any issues.

As the warmer weather arrives if dogs live outside monitoring the water is a must!

Depending on moisture from rain or sprinklers little mushrooms can pop up. Often near trees and wet places. There are many kinds of mushrooms but be aware even if they are not poisonous, stomach distress is no fun to deal with.

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