A Christmas Carol

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Theater is beginning to blossom again, friends! Needless to say, it has been a crazy year and a half, but it is with great excitement and joy that I announce that the Emmett Community Playhouse will be hosting a production of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, adapted for the stage by Martha King. The play is slated to be performed the second weekend of December (with production dates coming at a later time).

Auditions for the play will be held on Thursday, September 30th and Friday October 1st at 7 pm, as well as on Saturday, October 2nd, at 2 pm, at the Emmett Nazarene Church. The play has many important stage roles and many, just as important, backstage roles to fill.

If you are a performer, or have wanted to perform, you are encouraged to come and try out. If you have been on a theatrical crew before, or want to join up and learn about costumes, hair, makeup, lighting and sound effects, you are equally encouraged to come and try out for the production. No role – onstage or backstage – is unimportant.

Everyone is welcome to come be an active participant of the show as we strive to bring live theater back to Emmett and bring people back together. If you have any questions or concerns prior to tryouts, you can reach out to the Emmett Community Playhouse page on Facebook and someone will always be available to answer. We hope to see you there!

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