Candy canes and ice melt, oh my!

While festive treats and gifts are probably making their way out of your home, the holiday season isn’t over quite yet. Some folks are counting down the days to the New Year!

Before you break out the noise makers and sparkling champagne, here are a few thoughts regarding your pets:

While Fourth of July celebrations are known for fireworks, Animal Control Officers receive just as many calls about frightening noisemakers on New Year’s Eve too. Always make sure your pet is safe, comfortable and has sanctuary away from the booming sounds of fireworks.

If you are having guests over, keep in mind that new visitors can unknowingly bring with them dangerous substances.

This came to mind when a friend came to visit and put her purse on the couch . We were chatting and looking at house plants as my dog discovered she had dog treats in her purse as well as candy canes! Thankfully the candy canes were the good kind without xylitol sweetener. He managed to dig everything out of the purse to investigate! Dogs will eat almost anything—even if it does not seem like it would taste good!

Ice melt is another issue for pets as not everyone uses the pet safe types! I make every attempt to put Bart’s boots on as we are out in public almost every day! Dogs tend to lick their feet and the ingredients in ice melt can be bad for them to consume.

It would take multiple pages to list the houseplants that are bad for our pets too . . . but just be aware if you received new plants for Christmas! The majority of the local plants here in Emmett may cause digestive issues. This is simply a nice way of saying if they eat the plants there will be vomit and diarrhea on the carpet. Yikes!

Have fun with your favorite furry friends as you wave goodbye to 2019 and say hello to 2020. Happy New Year!

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