BLM relationship aids cleanup

Typical discarded tire sites cleaned up by the Gem County Sheriff’s Inmate Labor Detail.

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Idaho’s Gem County Sheriff’s Office, in cooperation with BLM Boise District law enforcement, recently held a cleanup of over 40 abandoned tires illegally dumped on public lands within the Four Rivers Field Office. Utilizing the Sheriff’s Inmate Labor Detail (SILD) and in conjunction with the county’s landfill staff, tires were removed from several sites including the Long-billed Curlew Area of Critical Environmental Concern and the Dewey Off-Highway Vehicle recreation area.

“We strive for good relationships with our partners and have worked with BLM Officers on many occasions to help each other out,” said Gem County Sheriff Deputy Lt. William Barry. “We rely on each other’s support, which has resulted in solving many problems for both agencies and the community.”

“Illegal dumping is an unfortunate problem for many BLM field offices and especially so for the Boise District, which surrounds the greater Boise metropolis and its more than 700,000 residents,” said Four Rivers Field Manager Brent Ralston. “By working with our partners and leveraging our different resources, we can go a long way in achieving actions on the ground.”

“We had several tire dump sites, and I spoke to Lieutenant Barry about the possibility of county assistance, to which he immediately agreed to help,” said BLM Law Enforcement Officer Jay Brown. “He was able to coordinate with the SILD crew along with their support vehicles, and we were able to make relatively short work of these sites. The effort was greatly appreciated by the District.”

In addition to recognizing the cooperation between agencies, Lt. Barry also stressed the personal responsibility we all have to keep our public lands clean.

“Gem County has thousands of acres of BLM, U.S. Forest Service and State public lands. This is a privilege, and we should consider ourselves lucky. Take pride in this ownership, treat the land as if it is your own backyard, and don’t trash it,” said Lt. Barry.

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