All I want for Christmas

We are officially in the holiday season and that means presents, decorations, giving to charity, visits from family / friends and food, food and more food! Often out of town guests and relatives gather around the table and talk of times both old and new. The most wonderful time of the year!

All of these things are fun and exciting for humans, but take a moment to consider how this frenzy can impact your furry or feathered friends.

For example:

I remember one year a call came in about a parakeet that the family cat brought in the house.

It was amazing that the little green bird was totally unharmed. The cat owner retrieved the bird immediately and only the cat and the bird know how it started! The rewarding part was telling a 10 year old boy the bird he received for Christmas was safe. The statistics after Christmas for a lot of puppies kittens bunnies birds and reptiles do not often end this great!

I always suggest doing research and consider how a pet or an added pet will fit into your family. I have been the one to take animals into the shelter year after year. I listened to the “why we can’t keep this animal?“ stories as I witness adults as well as children crying as they leave. A surprise gift of an animal to an unprepared household can be such a disaster!

An adorable puppy snuggled in bed or on the couch with a child on Christmas is precious. The picture may not look like that six months later after a rain storm with a 60 pound wet dog!

Most training professionals strongly recommend against adopting two pups at the same time. The biggest challenge of adopting two new puppies is their tendency to bond very closely with each other, often to the exclusion of a meaningful relationship with their humans. They can become inseparable. In most cases they just are not as close to the human as they are to each other.

My suggestion if thinking about getting an animal is to take a tour of the local Pet Adoption League here in Emmett. The phrase for the season is adopt don’t shop! Leave some Christmas cheer and donate! They have many dogs and cats that could use food, blankets toys and even towels — if you get new towels for Christmas donate your old ones to the shelter.

A pet in the household is a family decision and there are so many points to consider!

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