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We aren’t out of the woods yet but every indication is that efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 is having some effect, particularly here in Gem County and in Idaho in general. Gem County’s “curve” has been flattened for over a week.

Governor Little has presented a prescribed staging for the return to business for those not previously designated as “essential.” While we find the terminology used to triage businesses for closure or to remain open unfortunate, we are happy that there is apparent progress being made.

Foremost in that progress is the creative and compassionate efforts of individuals and businesses to weather this storm and prepare for a return to normal – or perhaps a new normal is more precise.

The Messenger Index, like most media, is exceptionally sensitive to the fortunes of our business community. When our small businesses are suffering economically our revenues mirror and sometimes magnify that trend.

That’s why we are so excited to endorse and complement the efforts of the Gem County Chamber’s “Emmett Together” initiative. We want our neighbors to know we are in this together.

Beginning immediately, we ask that all businesses email us at with your current status – open, closed, reopening, changing hours – so we can pass that on to our readers. This is a free service as we will be building a special page for the next few weeks that can serve as a business activity tracker in the community. Just include Emmett Together in your subject line.

For those businesses wanting to promote additional aspects of your rebound we are offering an additional feature page titled Emmett Together where you can place your message for up to 80 percent off the normal advertising rate. If you are interested in that please email

We also want our readers to participate in this project by reporting to us some of the extraordinary efforts individuals and businesses are making to benefit others – often providing needed trade for hurting businesses at the same time meeting individual needs in the community. Those also can be emailed to with a #emmetttogether in the subject line.

We are in this together, Emmett.

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