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November 29 is officially #GivingTuesday. I guess it’s kind of a cyber creation to momentarily turn consumer attentions away from themselves and potentially divert a portion of the holiday spending spree to various charitable causes. Sounds like a noble cause that might make some pause and p…

When I heard last week that Muhammad Ali had succumbed to the ravages of Parkinson’s disease I couldn’t help but smile through a welling tear. I can’t claim I knew much of him – certainly not at a personal level – but thinking of the impressions that he had left on my life I could only be moved.

For a few days, I've been thinking about the tragedy in Florida over last weekend.

Editors note: Emmett residents Alison Mumford and Kelsey Little participated in the most recent running of the iconic Boston Marathon. Allison provided the Messenger-Index with some of the history of the race and her experiences running it April 18th .

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