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Vallivue School Board Zone 1

• Clay Christensen

Mailing Address: 22226 Aura Vista Way Caldwell, ID 83607

Campaign Phone: (208) 250-6416

• Jackie Groves

Mailing Address: 16385 Cuesta Sol Ln Caldwell, ID 83607

Campaign Phone: (208) 340-8654

• Jeff Forsberg

Mailing Address: 14601 Sunnyslope Rd Caldwell, ID 83607


Q: What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

Clay Christensen: If elected, I plan to build upon and improve resources within the district for educators and parents to ensure students have every opportunity to learn and grow in a way that best fits their needs. As the area rapidly grows, I will help the district be fiscally responsible with precious taxpayer money, help initiate research and always push for funding that gives students and staff every tool necessary to educate and learn at the highest level.

Jackie Groves:

1. Assist the District in addressing the challenges and opportunities posed by growth.

2. Work to retain existing teachers and attract new ones.

3. Explore innovative solutions for new partnerships between high schools and business apprenticeship programs to support all students in going on to a future that holds opportunity for them.

Jeff Forsberg: -no response-

Q: What experiences have prepared you for this office?

Clay Christensen: As a former Kindergarten through 12th grade student within Zone 1 of Vallivue School District, and as a father of children attending Vallivue schools, I have a sincere interest and desire to give students the same, and improved upon, high-level education I received. Vallivue schools prepared me to become a graduate of Brigham Young University and successfully run my current business. I understand what it takes to educate and learn at the highest level and will ensure that the same process is afforded to every student within the district regardless of race or socioeconomic status.

Jackie Groves: I come from a family of educators and taught English as a second language after graduating college, then received an MBA in finance and economics. I worked in corporate finance, analysis, investments and strategic planning, as a financial advisor, and as the owner today of a family business in Sunnyslope. I’ve used these skills for numerous organizations such as Special Olympics, Cancer Connection, Ballet & Opera Idaho as well as as a volunteer and parent leader in the public schools my children attended here and ask for the opportunity to bring them to bear in the Vallivue School District.

Q: What do you see as the most significant challenges residents of this area face that you might be able to address in this position?

Clay Christensen: Public schools are the foundation of every community in our great country. There are activist groups and other interested parties who are trying to alter the curriculum and methods in which teachers and staff are using. I will not allow this to happen. There is public pressure to teach Critical Race Theory throughout America. I will vote against this measure and do everything within my power to ensure a quality, well rounded education within the values of our community.

Jackie Groves: We have never seen a period of growth in the Treasure Valley like the one we are seeing now. The process of anticipating and preparing for growth in our public schools is extremely complex. We know Idaho teachers are among the poorest paid in the country. As a business person, I understand the importance of stewarding scarce resources. We can add value in addition to financial compensation through training, development and support personally and in the classroom. We need to be innovative in developing apprenticeship programs for students who aren’t interested or ready for post-secondary education.

Q: Is there anything else you wish to tell the voters?

Clay Christensen: This community is a special place to live and raise a family. No wonder droves of people are moving here every day! I was born here, raised here, and will raise my children with hopes that my grandchildren will be raised here as well. I am a fourth-generation farmer working the same fields my great-grandfather plowed in the 1920s. I am committed to the citizens in the Vallivue School District who have the same aspirations I do. It all starts with the education our children and grandchildren receive in our schools. I look forward to helping them become tomorrow’s leaders, today.

Jackie Groves: I believe in the importance of and our constitutional right to strong public schools. Our schools are under attack by funding cuts passed by our Legislature, yet our children are our most important resource! The pandemic created new challenges for our community already stressed by political divisiveness. I am not interested in what divides us — our love for our children unites us. I am experienced in working cooperatively with all stakeholders to gain an understanding of the problems our schools face and to think outside the box when it comes to solutions. I ask for your vote. Thank you!

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