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Nampa School Board Zone 5

Jeff Kirkman

Mailing Address: 3619 S Twin Springs Way Nampa, ID 83686

Campaign Phone: (208) 495-5376

• Patrick Tanner

Mailing Address: 3900 East Greensprings Court Nampa, ID 83686

Campaign Phone: (303) 902-8457


Q: What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

Jeff Kirkman: Increase understanding between district administration, board, teachers/staff, and parents and the importance each group has in relation to the others. Ensure curriculum in our schools is focused on traditional academics and not social justice issues. Parents have the right and must retain the ability to make decisions for their kids. The schools do not know what is best and must not marginalize parental involvement. Government overreach includes, but is not limited to, masks and COVID vaccination mandates. Parents are not “domestic terrorists” or initiating a “hostile takeover” of school boards.

Patrick Tanner: The bottom line is student success. I hope to collaborate with my fellow trustees to establish some clear and stable policies for providing our students and staff with a solid base of safety and support because student success starts with a feeling of security and safety. From there we can build connections and move on to the more academic goals. I hope to create greater levels of student success through clear and measured decision-making in collaboration with other board members. Beyond that, I’ll work towards a sense of trust and confidence both within the board and throughout the district.

Q: What experiences have prepared you for this office?

Jeff Kirkman: I am a parent of five – two graduated from CHS, two currently attending CHS, one at EVMS. I am a former correctional facility warden. I have experience with large budgets, conflict management, public hearings, degrees in political science, paralegal, and secondary education. I am a certified Idaho public manager. I have developed, implemented, currently manage a successful statewide mentoring program; I oversee/manage hundreds of volunteers throughout the state. Managing and supervising staff, resolving conflicts, ensuring competing interests considered when making difficult decisions. Three years as commissioner on Nampa P&Z Commission.

Patrick Tanner: My entire career has been spent in education and leadership; I currently work at the College of Western Idaho. I have one graduate degree in education leadership and I’m pursuing another graduate degree in education at ISU right now. Further, I currently serve on the boards of the Rotary Club of Nampa and the Nampa Chamber of Commerce. This specific knowledge, experience, and expertise will allow me to pursue cooperative solutions on behalf of students, teachers, staff, and ultimately our community.

Q: What do you see as the most significant challenges residents of this area face that you might be able to address in this position?

Jeff Kirkman: Keeping kids in school and teachers in the classroom while dealing with COVID without sacrificing the parent’s right to choose what they feel is best for the children and providing the teachers with the flexibility and tools needed to do what they do best – teach. Another significant challenge is making sure that our teachers and staff feel and know that they are supported by the school board. There will always be disagreement but just because someone may disagree doesn’t mean that they aren’t supported. Ensuring curricula being taught does not focus on social justice issues but academics.

Patrick Tanner: We need to urgently address the learning loss that is occurring due to teacher and student absenteeism. My goal would be to work with medical professionals to understand their recommendations, and then work with the board and administration to put a plan in place that not only reduces absences, but also incorporates strategies to address math scores, reading comprehension scores, and encourages individual advocacy for each student to achieve their absolute best. I also intend to bring stability to the board so that parents and staff can once again trust the decisions that the board makes.

Q: Is there anything else you wish to tell the voters?

Jeff Kirkman: I am concerned with the relationship between school boards and parents throughout the country. This is where we live, our children go to school, and it does affect the health of our communities. NSD is not yet at the level of discourse some other districts are around the country but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen here, and quickly. Parents, teachers, board trustees, and administration have to work together and focus on finding ways to keep our kids in school, keep them moving forward in their learning, and minimize government intrusion which includes no mandates for masks and vaccines.

Patrick Tanner: Much like how our healthcare professionals and their systems are buckling under the pressure of the pandemic, our teachers are at, or beyond, their breaking point. While not reducing accountability, we need to give them the benefit of the doubt and reduce pressures on them. There is too much stress, arguing, and focusing on the wrong things — and our students and teachers are physically and emotionally worn thin. As a board member, I’d work with other board members, teachers, and the administration to address these issues in a positive and productive manner.

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