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Nampa City Mayor

• Debbie Kling

Mailing Address: 2327 River Oaks Nampa, ID 83686

Campaign Phone: (208) 871-2181

• Jerrold P. Smith

Mailing Address: 417 W Palmer Nampa, ID 83686

Campaign Phone: (208) 481-5912


Q: What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

Debbie Kling: Build upon the work I have already begun by focusing on the areas our community said are important to them: Public safety (we will continue to fund and support our first responders), improving roads & identifying funding solutions for road improvements, fiscal stewardship, growth funding growth, continue to advocate on behalf of our citizens to reduce our tax burden, and focus on attainable housing solutions for all in our community.

Jerrold P. Smith: If elected I would like to see Nampa City remain a safe city by instituting ordinances or laws that would protect the city and its citizens from radical terrorist groups that use political bullying and intimidation and violence as means to gain control over officials. As a patriot and advocate that the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence, to stand up to a tyrannical government and take a stand for a healthier and safer Nampa. To fight to reduce the number of sugars in food, a lead battle on diabetes.

Q: What experiences have prepared you for this office?

Debbie Kling: Prior to serving as mayor, I worked as president of the Nampa Chamber, worked with nonprofits and in the private business sector. Each position has strengthened and equipped me for the position of mayor. It’s important to understand the needs of private business, nonprofits and our individuals and families. I’m not a politician but rather a community servant that loves and advocates for my community. As I’m now completing my first term in office, I’ve listened and I’m here to work for the citizens of Nampa.

Jerrold P. Smith: Board member to Willamette Valley JATC six years, board member independent electrical contractors, Disciplinary Committee JATC five years, service manager for Security Alarm Companies 15 years, owner of Security Consulting Services seven years, volunteer 15 years Lane County Search and Rescue, lay pastor with church high school program 4 years, graduate Dale Carnegie Human Relations, district and area representative 20 years of service to CA, NA, and SA. Committee chair for H&I and Helpline, Area Convention Workshops, and guest speakers.

Q: What do you see as the most significant challenges residents of this area face that you might be able to address in this position?

Debbie Kling: The significant growth in Nampa and the entire Treasure Valley. The cost of housing, increasing property taxes due to the rapid increase in property values, and lack of funding for infrastructure are challenges we are currently facing. Our citizens have said growth must fund growth. We have increased impact fees to fund the capital costs of growth for fire, police, parks and streets, as governed by state statute. I will continue to advocate to increase the homeowners exemption and for comprehensive tax reform.

Jerrold P. Smith: Overbuilding of the area and the impact that it has had on traffic, crime, and burden on resources. Lack of open public space, lack of essential services in some areas, open existing city parks to off-leash use during non-peak use hours.

Q: Is there anything else you wish to tell the voters?

Debbie Kling: Listening to the concerns and ideas of our community has been a top priority since taking office. Over the past four years, we have conducted community surveys to capture feedback from our citizens. Each year, the community has requested that we focus on public safety, streets and economic opportunities. Feedback received from the annual community survey continues to inform budget decisions. It has been an honor to serve the community of Nampa and my hope is to continue the work I have begun, bringing our community together to become a safe and healthy community where people prosper.

Jerrold P. Smith: As survivor of gay sexual assault committed by a police officer the need for a citizens review board to hear complaints made against any police officers. To open communication about childhood things of bullying, sexual abuse, and drugs and alcohol abuse and what is healthy vs abusive. Help food pantries in the area by donating ten percent of monthly income for the purchase of diabetic-friendly foods for those in need.

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