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Caldwell School Board Zone 1

• Brittany Gish

• Trish Robertson

Mailing Address: 1912 Willow St Caldwell, ID 83605

Campaign Phone: (208) 860-8348


Q: What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

Brittany Gish: My goal, should I be elected, would be to repair the disconnect between the school board and the parents. I seek to restore parent choice and give parents back their voice in how their children are educated.

Trish Robertson: My priorities are to keep the schools open for in-person learning, to keep the students and staff safe, and to further the current vision and goals of the Caldwell School District. As a board, we evaluate information on issues very seriously. We listen to the experts on any subject in front of us and make the most informed decisions on all things involving the school district. I will continue to do that as a Caldwell School Board Trustee.

Q: What experiences have prepared you for this office?

Brittany Gish: While I am in no way a politician, I am a mother of two young children in the Caldwell School District and I see first hand the issues we face as parents, and as a former teacher I feel I know how to bridge the gap we are experiencing.

Trish Robertson: I feel helping manage our schools is an important contribution to our community. The work uses my skills in listening and evaluating information. That makes good decision making possible. When I was appointed to the board in May, I committed to run this November so the time and effort others made to assist my learning would not be wasted. Until I retired, I was a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice. Listening skills, analyzing the information and charting a path forward is what I have done professionally and personally all my life.

Q: What do you see as the most significant challenges residents of this area face that you might be able to address in this position?

Brittany Gish: The biggest challenge I see right now is government overreach in our schools.

Trish Robertson: In the current climate of uncertainty on many levels, a significant challenge is to keep the students and staff safe. When that is in place, students can learn and teachers can continue to inspire and teach with passion.

Q: Is there anything else you wish to tell the voters?

Brittany Gish: My heart is one of restoration. I want to stand up for every parents rights, regardless of their political affiliation, religious beliefs or anything else. Parents should have a say in how their children are educated.

Trish Robertson: The Caldwell School District has a very clear vision and mission statement, and I support these and the path they set forward. It is a good framework on which to build.

The current challenges of the pandemic will change and hopefully subside. But there will be more and possibly greater challenges in the future. This calls for level heads and clear thinking as we go forward.

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