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Caldwell City Mayor

• Jorge D Arancivia

Mailing Address: 14147 Tara Street Caldwell, ID 83607

• Nicole Hyland

Mailing Address: 513 Danby Avenue Caldwell, ID 83605

• John McGee

Mailing Address: 13848 Bouchaine Street Caldwell, ID 83607

Campaign Phone: (208) 614-3007

• Chris Trakel

Mailing Address: 2019 Fairview Ave Caldwell, Idaho 83605

Campaign Phone: (208) 722-0369

• Jarom Wagoner

Mailing Address: 11846 Linden Road Caldwell, ID 83605

Campaign Phone: (208) 761-2914


Q: What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

Jorge D. Arancivia: -no response-

Nicole Hyland: If elected, I hope to bring a fresh approach to how our city operates and it shouldn’t be at the sole expense of the people/businesses. I hope to create long term, practical and affordable emergency plans for our city, including the need for more housing. And finally, what I would like to ultimately accomplish is a safer community for our families by funding and expanding our emergency forces. They can’t do their jobs if they don’t have the resources or the force behind them to do it.

John McGee: Caldwell has experienced tremendous success over the last few years and needs a leader to continue that momentum. I will continue to leverage assets like the Indian Creek Plaza to increase opportunities for families in our community. I will continue to work with police and fire leaders on retaining our best employees. I will work to keep Caldwell’s tax rate low. I will make sure that Caldwell continues to move forward.

Chris Trakel: Property tax relief for residents is a priority. It will give financial security, more opportunities and abilities for families to thrive and obtain the American dream. I want regular town meetings with the residents giving them direct access to voice their concerns. I want to make Caldwell the first choice for businesses to come by utilizing the success of Indian Creek Plaza. Maintain sustainable growth so our infrastructure will not fall behind. Caldwell is the family-friendly, safe, and prosperous city we are proud to call home, and my goal will be to keep this true for years to come.

Jarom Wagoner: Caldwell is at a critical stage for its future. We have come a long way and are well-positioned for a successful future. However, with the incredible growth we have and are continuing to experience it is imperative that our next mayor understand growth and all that comes with it, including transportation and traffic. I have 15 plus years’ experience as a transportation planner and land-use planner at both the city and county levels. This puts me in an ideal position to help Caldwell continue to grow, while continuing to maintain the charm that makes Caldwell such a special place.

Q: What experiences have prepared you for this office?

Nicole Hyland: I have not held an elected office, but that doesn’t mean I am not qualified to hold the mayor’s office. As I do have experience in running offices, managing people, balancing budgets, managing several schedules and or meetings, and cutting wasteful spending for companies. I have worked well with many people who agree and disagree with decisions I have made or positions I have taken when I needed to. I have learned to accommodate what I can, show compassion when possible, and most importantly respond with sincerity.

John McGee: My contributions to our community through volunteering and serving on the City Council. Over the last ten years I’ve helped revitalize downtown Caldwell and build Indian Creek Plaza. During that same time I have worked to help the homeless and get them on their feet through my work at the Boise Rescue Mission. Over the last several years I’ve helped lead an effort here in Caldwell, Compassion Connect, which organizes doctors and dentists to provide free care to people who don’t have insurance. We serve hundreds each year.

Chris Trakel: I am the Republican precinct committeeman for 9-10, as such, I am aware of the issues we face. Also, I have the military training and expertise as a company gunnery sergeant and company first sergeant to draw upon. While in those billets, I was responsible for day-to-day operations, housing, maintenance, equipment, personnel, discipline, administrative duties, oversight of multiple departments, and a budget of over one hundred million dollars. This gives me the experience to run a successful and efficient community as well as how to recognize and properly prepare for future issues.

Jarom Wagoner: It feels like my entire life has prepared me for this. I grew up in Caldwell, graduating from Caldwell High School in 1995. I was active in my community even as a youth, a member of Key Club & volunteering at the Caldwell Night Rodeo and Chuckwagon every August. I was Caldwell’s senior land use planner for six years and have been on the City Council for the past two years. All of this has prepared me and given me the experience to be Caldwell’s next mayor. Also, I’ve always worked hard to hold myself to the highest personal standards, standards that would make my family & my hometown proud.

Q: What do you see as the most significant challenges residents of this area face that you might be able to address in this position?

Nicole Hyland: Our residents are facing several challenges. Our local school boards are not communicating with parents. Our city council, as well as the planning and zoning department, will not listen to resident concerns on important issues and continue to take money from developers over the concerns of people. We have to combat growth with a long term plan immediately, as that isn’t being addressed. It seems to me, the current elected officials have only looked at right now problems and how they can benefit in this moment. In my opinion, no one is looking at the long term options available.

John McGee: Growth. I will work with our planning and zoning department, along with our police and fire department to ensure that we are adding services along with growth. We need to develop a plan and ensure that our citizens have what they need to enjoy living and raising a family in Caldwell. I will also work with our local legislators to ensure that there is property tax reduction for our residents that has minimum impact on our police and fire professionals

Chris Trakel: Residents are concerned with mask mandates, forced vaccinations, and current school policies. Many people feel their personal rights are being removed. I am against allowing any mandates to be forced upon anyone, no businesses forced to close, and no shutdown of government services. Each individual needs to decide what is right and take responsibility to decide for themselves. Another major concern is taxes. Many people believe our taxes are too high and hurt the residents. By cutting unnecessary spending and evaluating our budget from a zero-based budgeting system, we can reduce that burden.

Jarom Wagoner: Growth, traffic, & community engagement are all concerns of Caldwell residents. We are one of the fastest growing communities in the country. As a professional land-use planner and transportation planner with over 15 years experience, this makes me uniquely qualified to lead Caldwell into the future as its next mayor. We need a leader that understands the intricacies of growth & the benefits of smart growth. Also, Caldwell needs a leader they can trust and follow and that can engage with the citizens to make sure everyone’s voice is heard and that each voice matters.

Q: Is there anything else you wish to tell the voters?

Nicole Hyland: I would like the voters to know, it is an honor to run and campaign for mayor of Caldwell. The support is phenomenal! If I win, I will be the first female mayor, so I am blessed to have this opportunity. What I also want people to know is, it doesn’t take an experienced person in office to get elected. Some of the best changes we’ve had, came from non-politicians. It’s imperative that we change the trajectory of our local elections or we will lose our local freedoms. We have to keep the faith and the hope alive for generations to come. The time to be idle has passed. God bless Caldwell!

John McGee: I’m proud to be a volunteer coach for my children’s’ soccer, football, basketball and baseball teams. I served as a board member of my church for many years. I’m also a volunteer serving on the board of my children’s school. And, during the pandemic I’ve been substitute teaching to help keep schools open for in person learning. As Mayor, I will continue these efforts, I will take what I have learned through volunteering along with the respect and humility I have gained through this service, and try to make Caldwell the best place in Idaho to live and raise a family.

Chris Trakel: Many hardships have hurt Idahoans. Our government has picked who and who isn’t essential. Our councilmen also approved of this action, unanimously voting to give our mayor that same ability, two of those councilmen are now are running for mayor. John McGee claims, “Keeping our taxes low,” but he voted to raise our taxes this year from $88,209,702 to $107,732,413. The property tax increase will be from $18,984,179 to $20,298,610, that is almost a 7% increase to property tax! Please be aware of what candidates say and what their past actions have proven they will do. The past is important.

Jarom Wagoner: I bleed for Caldwell. When I moved to Caldwell in 1990, I had no idea the profound impact it would have on my life and that someday I would have the opportunity to lead my home town into the future. I have always been actively involved in the Caldwell community. My eagle scout project was to construct the park located next to the old KCID building in downtown Caldwell. This was part of the first Caldwell Community Pride Days and I still remember how proud it made me to have a part in making Caldwell a better place to live, even as a young teenager.

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