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Caldwell City Council Seat 3

• John Carter

Mailing Address: 5116 War Eagle Road Caldwell, ID 83607

• Robert M. Hopper

Mailing Address: 1014 Teton Ave Caldwell, ID 83605-2548

Campaign Phone: (208) 880-9659

• Diana Register

Mailing Address: 605 E Dewey Lane Caldwell, ID 83605

Campaign Phone: (208) 350-0005

• Zachary Strong

Mailing Address: 15408 Hogback Way Caldwell, ID 83607

Campaign Phone: (319) 721-6221


Q: What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

John Carter: -no response-

Robert M. Hopper: We have made tremendous strides in improving Caldwell during my tenure on the Council, but there is more to be done. We have been successful because we have had consistent leadership, a common vision, and a plan to make Caldwell the most desirable and livable city in Idaho. To continue that progress, we must:

1) Establish new job centers in Caldwell. We’ve greatly increased the household income for Caldwell residents in recent years, and I need to see that continued for the future.

2) Complete our transportation plan to mitigate the impact of growth.

3) Improve safety services.

Diana Register: I have so many things I would like to accomplish for the community, but my top three priorities are to lower property taxes, improve employee retention and strengthen emergency services. With new leadership on city council, it’s time to make changes that will benefit our growing community while keeping the small town feel we all love so much and without raising taxes. One way to do this is to have an independent financial analysis done of our budget and determine how the money in the massive savings account the city has can be redistributed back to the community.

Zachary Strong: It will be an honor to serve and be a voice for the people of Caldwell. This must not be lost amongst my core values. Caldwell needs a voice to bridge leaders and the community on ways we can continue building our city. With the recent growth and the future growth of the city, it will require us to improve our roadways and city operations to better serve our citizens. With growth and more people in our city, we must continue to be a quintessential example of having well-trained and community-oriented first responders. We need to support our community and those who protect it.

Q: What experiences have prepared you for this office?

Robert M. Hopper: My family has deep roots in Caldwell, and we have always cared deeply for this community. Many of my family members have been elected to city and school board positions in the past. We are a legacy family, our children live here, we are invested in Caldwell. I am passionate about Caldwell, and I give it my all. In addition, I have the experience of 20 years guiding this city, knowledge of its importance in the valley, keen awareness of its history and past challenges, and most importantly, I have the vision to keep Caldwell’s progress moving forward. None of my competitors can say that.

Diana Register: I have over twenty years as a public employee which gives me valuable perspective to bring to the board. I am an accomplished author and have been successful in creating a public charity in honor of my late husband, who was a Caldwell city police officer who passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2016. Our charity grants wishes for pancreatic cancer patients and was something I created from the ground up with just a simple vision and idea. I am no stranger to hard work and perseverance, or dedicating myself to those things I am passionate about, which includes public service.

Zachary Strong: From serving in the United States Air Force, and teaching and coaching in Caldwell I have a wide-ranging vision of how to support multiple needs of the city. I have real world experience and training that has molded my leadership skills. I had the opportunity to form my leadership style built around passion and pragmatism. I held titles such as president of the Junior Enlisted Airman, a leadership position in the Air Force. Studying political science at Boise State, I was a voting member on the Tuition and Fees Advisory Board. I am prepared for this job.

Q: What do you see as the most significant challenges residents of this area face that you might be able to address in this position?

Robert M. Hopper: Clearly, we are all experiencing the challenge of rapid growth in Caldwell and in all the Treasure Valley communities. Growth management is all about planning. Any level of growth can be managed if it has been adequately planned for. The city has master plans for virtually every aspect of the city’s services that are in place and ready to respond to growth needs, and I am focused on ensuring that new development is building for the future needs, not just the present. New growth must fund itself, and not cause increased costs or reduction of service levels for current residents.

Diana Register: I believe our most significant challenges are actually coming. One of my goals is to strengthen emergency services because as our community grows, our emergency services needs to as well. We cannot keep asking them to do more with less. If we continue that trend, our residents could very well face a shortage of emergency help, longer response times and less dedicated employees. We also need to be able to do this without raising property taxes and creating an extra burden, which is why I believe our city’s savings account needs to be reevaluated.

Zachary Strong: Issues facing Caldwell are born of progress, this is something we must not only recognize but embrace as our future. As elected officials it is our duty to acknowledge the work is never done, we cannot be complacent with the revitalization of downtown. The entirety of Caldwell is our mission. Caldwell has seen an increase in traffic as we are becoming a destination for all of Idaho. Caldwell is no longer a hidden gem. Our next steps must be to improve our city; road by road, block by, and job by job. Our duty is to keep our citizens safe and to continue Caldwell on this path to new heights.

Q: Is there anything else you wish to tell the voters?

Robert M. Hopper: Those of you who are long-time residents of Caldwell know the amazing things that have happened in Caldwell in recent years that have distinguished us from the rest of the valley. We’ve gone from the least desirable community in the valley to the top choice for new residents coming to Idaho. Our average household income for Caldwell has increased far above the valley average and now is ranked only behind Boise and Meridian. None of that has been by accident — it is part of the long-term vision that was put in place when I came on the council — a vision that has been consistent and unwavering.

Diana Register: I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to address you here in this voter guide and encourage you to reach out with further questions via email at or on Facebook at Diana Register for Caldwell City Council Seat #3. I am incredibly excited at the possibility of serving our community in this manner and can’t wait to get started.

Zachary Strong: I chose Caldwell as my home, I have chosen to impact as many people in this community as I can as a teacher and coach. My passion has no bounds, and my drive will help Caldwell to continue its ascent as one of the premier places for Idahoans to live and raise families. We must now give back and do right by all of us who have the honor to live in this genuine city that has always embodied its small-town feel and core values. With change comes so many new obstacles and potential setbacks. We need leaders who will hold true to our values and bring us to new heights. I am this leader.

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