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Caldwell City Council Seat 2

• Dennis Callsen

Mailing Address: 222 W Logan Caldwell, ID 83605

• Shawn Harman

Mailing Address: 15547 Moosehorn Way Caldwell, ID 83607

Campaign Phone: (208) 402-5626

• Florina Ruvio

Mailing Address: 11862 Altamont Street Caldwell, ID 83605

Campaign Phone: (208) 941-7495

• Chuck Stadick

Mailing Address: 13419 Cedar Park Drive Caldwell, ID 83607

Campaign Phone: (208) 250-2410


Q: What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

Dennis Callsen: -no response-

Shawn Harman: I hope to continue and maintain Caldwell’s core values of freedom, faith and family. I also hope to help with the issues of rapid growth and helping preserve property owners rights. I would like to see Caldwell continue to grow in a way the allows businesses to prosper and for the city to not hang a “closed for business sign.”

Florina Ruvio: If elected, I will be a voice for those who currently do not feel represented in our local government. I hope to ensure Caldwell thrives for future generations by tackling affordable housing, ensuring parks are built and preserved, and supporting local small businesses and farmers. I want to ensure that as we grow, we do not forget to care for our residents and businesses that have been a part of Caldwell for a long time.

Chuck Stadick: What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

-Stop growth until the real costs for city services for the present and future can be calculated.

-Review/Implement reasonable impact fees annually to pay for growth.

-Join Concerned Citizens of Canyon County to rescind House Bill 389 promoted by Representatives Moyle, Harris and Senator Rice, which increases property taxes for the majority of homeowners.

-Reduce the impact of urban renewal projects which increases taxes on homeowners.

-Hire a consulting firm to review city operations periodically to create efficiencies.

-Support housing projects (apartments, condos, etc.) in the downtown area.

Q: What experiences have prepared you for this office?

Dennis Callsen: -no response-

Shawn Harman: I currently serve on the City of Caldwell Planning and Zoning committee. I’m a business owner of a construction company and a home inspection company. I have real life experience with business and can offer a business owners perspective to regulations in areas that hamper growth and prosperity.

Florina Ruvio: I’ve lived in Caldwell nearly my entire adult life. I’ve raised my children here. In my work advocating for children and families, I’ve partnered with several organizations and am adept at finding solutions that have long-term, positive outcomes. I’m actively involved in community efforts such as 2C Kids Succeed and Caldwell Health Coalition. In addition, I currently sit on the board of a non-profit that helps local at-risk youth complete their GED/HSE. At BSU, the classes I have taken in Public Policy Administration have given me a better understanding of the vital role of city council.

Chuck Stadick:

-Served on the City Council for 4 years previous to this past election cycle.

-Served on the Urban Renewal Bd for Caldwell.

-Currently serve as an advisor on 5C (Concerned Citizens of Canyon County Commission) which is a watchdog committee to reduce property taxes, assist cities and the legislature in understanding the costs to the taxpayers of potential legislation.

-Own an agriculture consulting business.

-Retired from the Simplot Company with experience in grower relations, contract negotiations and expanding new business areas in the U. S., Canada and International.

Q: What do you see as the most significant challenges residents of this area face that you might be able to address in this position?

Dennis Callsen: -no response-

Shawn Harman: I believe the residence of the the City of Caldwell are facing growing pains. I want to hear their concerns and work for the people to address those concerns. Growth is inevitable, so we should have a well thought out plan to make it work and not shoot from the hip.

Florina Ruvio: Affordable housing. If longtime residents want to stay in their home, they should have that option. There are some ways to address the rising cost of living at a city level. One example: I will work to find funding for Caldwell Housing Authority so the apartments can be affordable again. I will also advocate for a variety of housing and the use of existing structures.

Chuck Stadick:

-Out of control new growth.

-Excessive property taxes.

-Lack of housing for the downtown areas and low-income families.

-Election of officials that are true Conservatives and not RINO (Republican in Name Only).

Q: Is there anything else you wish to tell the voters?

Dennis Callsen: -no response-

Shawn Harman: I’m not a politician, but I’m a citizen, business owner and a husband.

Florina Ruvio: It’s easy to be apathetic about voting, but local elections in particular have a direct impact on us and our families — sometimes for generations. These elections matter and are often decided by a handful of votes. Your vote matters, so please look into your local candidates and make an informed decision. Vote and be heard.

Chuck Stadick: The citizens of Caldwell need people on the council that are proactive, not reactive.

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