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A Payette County sheriff’s car is parked in front of a school bus.

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PAYETTE — An inmate in the Payette County Jail died of COVID-19 Wednesday in a Treasure Valley hospital, according to a new release issued by the sheriff’s office Monday.

Andrew Cremers, 59, started showing symptoms on Nov. 20, and was taken to the hospital for treatment. The sheriff’s office said he had been in custody since Oct. 28 on one felony and two misdemeanor warrants in Payette County, along with a felony warrant in Wisconsin.

The sheriff’s office said Cremers had limited contact with other inmates during his time in the jail. There was one other inmate in his cell when he started to show symptoms. The individual remains quarantined and hasn’t displayed any signs of COVID-19.

The sheriff’s office said all inmates are screened daily for any coronavirus symptoms. Inmates needing medical care are either seen by the jail’s doctor or Payette County Paramedics.

The sheriff’s office also said it’s working with Southwest District Health to bring “testing capability to our detention facility.”

“This will give our detention facility the ability to test symptomatic inmates and staff for COVID-19. The results of the tests would be immediately available. This testing capability would allow our detention facility to respond to COVID-19 concerns in a quicker manner and limit the spread of COVID-19 throughout the facility,” the sheriff’s office said in the Monday release.

Olivia Heersink is the Canyon County public safety reporter. You can reach her at, or by calling 208-465-8178. Follow her on Twitter @heersinkolivia.

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