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As soon as I can hit send and shoot this article over to Jeanne, Katy and I are off for the fishing hole. Will I have to break out my Mr. Twister fillet knife or will we bomb out and smell like skunk tonight from not catching anything?

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I love my life but sometimes it gets hectic. I was in South Dakota for two and a half weeks, flew down to Tennessee for the Professional Outdoor Media Association Convention on Tuesday, flew home Friday at midnight, grabbed Katy and headed over to Oregon to the Silvies Ranch Sunday after Church. Ran home Wednesday night and jumped on a plane to South Dakota Thursday. Three and a half weeks later I flew back home so have only been home for one day in the last seven weeks.

So, with the above said, it poses the title of this article. What to do? A lot of stuff outdoor wise is going on in Idaho right now. As usual, the big dilemma is which activities should we do? I haven’t got to hit the crappie like I normally do so am bummed out about that. Usually by now our freezer is full of crappie fillets for the year.

I told Katy we ought to go crappie fishing Monday and Tuesday. But it looks like it may be raining Monday afternoon. And my daughter Koby wants to go backpacking Wednesday through Saturday. So don’t think just because it is hot and smoky outside that nothing is going on outdoors. Also, what about the perch fishing up at Cascade or over at CJ? And then I (you) can always grab a UMARE#X .25 cal. Gauntlet and go pop some pigeons or Eurasian doves/pigeons. Doves always make great appetizers if you make poppers.

So back to the tile of this article. With so many options out there outside of the city limits what should you do? Think I’ll hit the crappie a couple of days and then go backpacking. Then I have a new Ruger trigger to install in my Ruger 10/22 and a Vortex Crossfire 4-12x44 scope to mount on a Umarex airgun.

If you decide to go crappie fishing, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to head out late afternoon and fish until dark. Seems like in the late summer they move up feeding in closer when the shadows start stretching out. I’m going to use some small jigs with 2¼-inch Mr. Twister tails on them and tip it off with a Pautzke Fireball.

I’m also going to try something different this year for perch that I think should work. They’re usually down deep, right? I usually always flip out a jig and bounce off the bottom. This week I’m going to try some bottom bouncers with a worm to start with but if they’re hitting good then I’ll switch to a strip of fish skin.

Here’s why I’m excited to test out a bottom bouncer on perch. Instead of being tied down to one spot I can drift along and find a school. Then I’ll anchor and flip out jigs and fill a cooler. Like all of my plans it sounds like a great idea setting here at home on the drawing board — we’ll see how it works out in real life. Tie a leader with a few orange beads and a spinner blade onto the bottom bouncer and hook the worm by the head and drift along. I’ve caught every kind of fish in America on this set-up.

And if you never have backpacked, you have to try it. Come on, you live in Idaho! Unless I have some phenomenal trips this week then next week I’ll write a HOW-TO GET INTO BACKPACKING article to help you know how to get into it.


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