Declan Dunn, 12, recently got his red belt in taekwondo at Champions Martial Arts in Nampa — that’s the one just below a black belt. He’s been studying martial arts for several years, said his mother, Desiree Dunn.

“I am a long-time musician,” said Ken Harris. “I got started in Boise’s rock-n-roll scene back in ‘64, ‘65.” Harris said when his parents moved to Boise in 1960, “I told my mother I wanted to play the drums. My mom said, ‘why not play the accordion?’ It was popular in Boise because of the Ba…

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BOISE — Free2Succeed, the Idaho Department of Correction’s mentorship program created in 2016 to address rising recidivism rates across the state, has been moving full speed ahead since its inception, allowing former inmates the opportunity to restart with community support they may not have…

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A lot was happening in 1972: the Vietnam War, the Watergate scandal. In Northern Idaho, the Sunshine Mine disaster killed 91 men. “The French Connection” won the Oscar for best picture. Closer to home, Mamie Oliver began her 16-year career at Boise State.

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Mike Cooley and Tom Platt, who built George’s Cycles into a Boise dynasty over the last 40 years, fell in love with riding 10-speeds when they were 15. Once they learned how to race bikes, and then bought George’s in 1981, they put the hammer down, as they say in cycling lingo.

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HOMEDALE — Residents throughout the Treasure Valley and the world are anxiously awaiting their COVID-19 vaccinations. For some who are eligible, they have no idea where to go or who to turn to in order to schedule their vaccinations.

Kaitlyn McLeod, 21, is set to graduate with a degree in health studies after the fall semester at Boise State University. Since September, McLeod has been working as an intern at the St. Vincent de Paul Mobile Food Pantry, a service that brings boxes of food as well as cooking instructions a…

Devan Hromcik didn’t begin on a path to nursing. “I started college as a biology student and ended up switching to the nursing program,” she said. She was drawn to the connection between “people and science … and helping people to be better at protecting their bodies. Also, I’ve always been …

“I will grow strong again.” The Latin word for this phrase is: “Reviresco.” It is also the motto of the Maxwell family, said Hallie Maxwell, an artist who is working on an installation of the same name. It is a project of which she is enlisting the help of people in the community to fulfill:…

Sierra McIver is an American Sign Language translator and outreach coordinator for the Idaho Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Although being an interpreter wasn’t her first career choice, it was always her fallback go to.

The Nampa School District has the highest homeless student population in Idaho, at about 10% of the district’s 14,000 students. Natalie Sandoval’s job is to protect these students’ educational rights.

Idaho Press usually celebrates our community’s heroes — our Treasure Valley Spotlight Award winners — with fanfare, including a banquet, keynote speaker, flowers, banners and a center stage moment or two.

In the midst of a pandemic, social uprising, economic whiplash, and an upcoming presidential election the likes of no other — every day can bring a sense of disconnection and despair. But children give us hope. They epitomize a resolute belief in life, love and humanity.

June Pack, 91, volunteered as a poll worker in Ada County for 55 years. This year, she finally retired her post as chief judge at a Meridian precinct, passing the duties on to her daughter.

After being a staple on Idaho’s Spanish airwaves for almost 40 years, Ricardo “RQ” Quilantán kicked off Hispanic Heritage Month by being presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Idaho Commission on Hispanic Affairs.

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One year after a landmark Idaho Supreme Court decision that means police officers can’t make warrantless arrests for domestic violence, Lisa Growette Bostaph and her team at Boise State University got to work on a study about its effects.

When Idaho schools started closing in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Rod Gramer, president of Idaho Business for Education, knew many students would require learning devices and internet connections to continue their education.

Back in 2009, Diane Ronayne, columnist at The Idaho Statesman, now retired, was in a quandary. Five of her friends from separate circles were all wanting to have lunch with her. Ronayne calls herself “a pollinator,” and what she really loves to do is bring people together. So, she brought al…

Leora Murphy was crowned by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare as a shot-giving superhero and lauded with an award and new title: “2020 Immunization Champion.” Murphy, one of nine receiving the award in Idaho, has been a nurse for three decades and has worked at her current job as as…

Ted Kunz, Idaho Press’ own “Two-wheeled wanderer,” set out over a year and a half ago to travel around the world “on two wheels.”

It began with a call in the middle of the night, but not one you answer with a phone. Jim Kern said he was awoken at 3 a.m. one morning in 2008, “and God said ‘You need to do something to help the veterans.’” And that was the inauspicious beginning of Brave Hearts of Idaho. Formerly under th…

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Have you ever heard or uttered a sentence and then thought, “I’ll bet no one’s ever said that before”? For instance, yesterday I was playing with my daughter, Maeve, who is three-and-a-half. She has some stretchy, colorful toys called Monkey Noodles. Maeve has a vivid imagination, but I’ll s…