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Over the years, Fish and Game staff at MK Nature Center have used trail cameras to capture wildlife sightings on this special 4.5-acres of wildlife habitat near the Boise River and downtown Boise. For the past 20 years, Boise has grown and become more urbanized around the MK Nature Center, but that has not seemed to diminish the number, frequency and diversity of wildlife species that can be found there.

“The close proximity to the Boise River corridor allows animals to still find and access this natural oasis,” says Sara Focht, Wildlife Educator at MK Nature Center. “Trail cameras are strategically placed within the habitat to maximize the success of catching an animal, but not human visitors.”

“This little nature center was designed and is maintained specifically for wildlife, so what might appear to be a slightly overgrown forest is actually food, water, shelter and space so native riparian animals can thrive in an urban setting,” Focht said.

Focht reminds visitors to stay on the paths and keep voices low to increase their chances of seeing wildlife at the MK Nature Center.

“Frequent visits at various times of the day and year will also increase your chances,” she said.

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