Bees pollinating flowers.

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BOISE — Ada Soil & Water Conservation District announced in a press release it is launching a hands-on community planting project to promote pollinator habitat in the Treasure Valley. The Treasure Valley Pollinator Project aims to plant 64,000 flowering plants across the Treasure Valley. Ada SWCD will educate participants about the importance of pollinators, encourage participants to increase pollinator habitat, and help participants identify pollinators.

Pollinators like bees, moths, wasps, butterflies, birds and beetles are vital to production of food, medicine, fibers, and more. In recent years, pollinators have shown signs of decline due to factors like pesticide poisoning, habitat loss, and disease.

Starting in December 2020, individuals, businesses, and organizations can choose from a selection of four flower mixes available for purchase. In April 2021, participants will pick up their flower mixes to plant in their yards, gardens, farms, and other locations. The four flower mixes have been hand-selected as optimal combinations for pollinator habitat because of the diversity they attract and bloom times ranging from spring to fall.

Participants will also attend workshops on creating beneficial habitat, how to identify pollinators, and how to complete pollinator counts. They can also participate in a citizen science project to monitor the success of these new habitats and record what insects have been spotted.

To learn more about the Treasure Valley Pollinator Project or to get involved, visit the website:

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