Rays from a late afternoon November sun paint pastel colors on the cliffs along the Owyhee River in southeast Oregon. Pinkish-red rhyolite glows in black and grey layers of rock in the cliffs above the river, downstream from Owyhee Dam.

As the sun’s rays move along the cliffs other colors, such as white, brown and green, appear.

Who would have thought a drive along the road from Adrian, Ore., to Owyhee Dam and Lake Owyhee State Park would reveal such a beautiful scene?

The river is well known among fly anglers casting zebra midges and strike indicators for brown trout in the clear waters of the world-famous fly fishing stream.

But a scenic drive? You bet. Check out the area before the snow flies. It’s about one hour and 50 minutes from the center of Treasure Valley.

Head to Adrian, go north and take the road to Owyhee Reservoir.

Savor the curves through the canyon and different scenes around each bend.

Also, be careful of ice on the curvy road after winter weather.

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