A little white hamster was recently rescued from neighborhood bullies and taken to the West Valley Humane Society for treatment. Ezra, now in recovery from surgery, is recuperating in a foster home.

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“Even the smallest members of our community are worthy of safety and respect,” writes Brittany Sundell in an email. Sundell is spokesperson for West Valley Humane Society. “Unfortunately, with warmer temperatures and kids starting to play outside more, there are more opportunities for the mistreatment of our most vulnerable pets.”

Sundell goes on to describe such a recent event. It seems some young local “bullies” had found a pet hamster that was lost or abandoned and were treating it cruelly — they placed the little guy (his name is Ezra) in an empty chips bag and tossed him around in a game of catch. Then, they dropped him down a slide to see how far he would go off the end, repeatedly.

“Thankfully, heroes live among us — big and small,” Sundell said. “One brave little girl” stood up to the neighborhood kids and rescued Ezra, taking him to the shelter for “life-saving support.”

“It takes a lot of bravery to stand up to a bully in the moment, and we are so proud of our Caldwell Hero for stepping up and rescuing an animal in need,” Sundell said. “Her compassion and empathy made all the difference.”

After his harrowing experience, the little white hamster was pretty shaken up, said Sundell. He also had a lump on his ear, she said. “Thankfully, our amazing clinic team was able to diagnose what appeared to be a cancerous tumor and performed surgery to remove it.”

Sundell said she is very grateful the girl rescued the hamster.

“This little girl is an amazing reminder of how acts of kindness can make a huge difference. If you see something, say something,” Sundell said. “You have the power to make a better place for animals in Canyon County.”

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