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Artist Kelly Knopp and historian Amber Beierle have again partnered up to combine art and history in the newest edition to the children’s book series, “A While Ago in Idaho, Tour #2.” The illustrated explorations of the state of Idaho educate and enlighten kids to learn about history, and offer a teaching opportunity that connects the whole family, said a press release about the book.

Self-published and produced entirely in Idaho, the books are filled with colorful artwork by Knopp illustrating some lesser-known Idaho history. Narrated by “a lovable tour guide named Belmont Beaver,” the new book will take kids on a new tour across Idaho, learning about the history of the gem state and making educational and sometimes strange discoveries along the way.

Knopp is the illustrator and Beierle the historian. They have published other various projects together which inspired the children’s book series “A While Ago in Idaho” and the supplementary educational resources.

The new book launched Friday, Nov. 20. “A While Ago in Idaho, Tour #2” is now available exclusively online at and will arrive soon at local retail outlets, according to the release.

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