Kin Family Meals come in a three-course, mix and match, stacked tiffen. For pick up or delivery, starting at $35.

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The holidays are traditionally a time to indulge, especially when it comes to eating. Pre-COVID, office kitchens abounded with sweets such as homemade cookies, fudge, and fruit rolls as well as savory tidbits for noshing. And don’t get me started on holiday party fare!

But even though things are different this year, you can still indulge, albeit in a sanitary, physically distanced, and in-the-comfort-of-your-own-home way.

Two decadent services are now being offered by Kin, the gastronomic geniuses of the former State & Lemp venture. “Kin at Home” and “Family Night” are dinners that come as a three-course “tasting menu experience” delivered to your door in stacked, reusable steel tiffins, “in an effort to reduce waste and cut down on plastics,” said Remi McManus, co-owner.

Also, while the food is 95% “done,” you get to do a sort of cooking class at home as you add the final preparation. From the website: “We’ll ask you to put the finishing touches on some of the components, but we’ve made this as simple as possible. Before your meal arrives, you’ll receive a link to a video walking you through any steps needed to get food on plates and cocktails in glasses, as well as a brief explanation of the wine pairing.”

McManus said Kin is also putting Christmas parties together for businesses “and live-streaming how to put the finishing touches on the food in a Zoom call,” he said.

In addition, he’s hoping Kin will be able to offer some aprés ski parties at the restaurant’s amphitheater this winter, weather permitting, similar to the PiKINic events during the summer in partnership with Duck Club. “It was quite a run,” McManus said, reflecting on the concert and food events. “Watching peoples’ eyes light up when they can listen to the bands and artists and dance and feel safe — it was really nice.”

You can get the exotic meals delivered with wine or you can pick up and go with cocktails.

Kin at Home ($70) is now available on Saturdays; the Family Meals (starting at $35) are available on Wednesdays and Fridays. Prices include delivery and gratuity and you will receive three to four courses and beverages to pair.

Enhanced versions for Thanksgiving (a traditional take for $110) and Christmas (menu to come) will also be available.

Jeanne Huff is the community engagement editor for the Idaho Press. You can reach her at 208-465-8106 and follow her on Twitter @goodnewsgirl.

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