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Today is your chance and mine to make a mark — for life.

From noon to 8 p.m., you can get a semicolon tattoo in support of suicide prevention at Resurrected Tattoo in Boise.

It’s more than symbolic because “a semicolon represents a place in a sentence where one could stop, but instead chooses to continue,” said a press release about the event. “The semicolon has become a powerful symbol of suicide prevention and mental health awareness.”

When you get one of these tattoos, it’s a badge of honor, a touchstone, a message to others. It’s a beacon you wear 24/7, a call to anyone else who has been touched by suicide that we are all in this fight together. And it is a message to those who may be struggling with depression, suicide, or other mental health issues to know their stories can continue past the challenge, that they can go on past the difficult time.

The cost of the tattoo is $40, cash only, with proceeds benefiting the hotline.

It’s a small price to pay to support lifesavers and to promote living. And who knows? Even the simple act of getting and sporting one could be the reminder that gives someone in despair that pause that could save their life ... so that their story, and yours, and mine continues.

Also, if you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, they can call this number, 24/7: 208-398-4357.

Jeanne Huff is the community engagement editor for the Idaho Press. You can reach her at 208-465-8106 and follow her on Twitter @goodnewsgirl.

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