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On April 28, Amazon announced in a press release that its Nampa fulfillment center held the second day of a three-day onsite COVID-19 vaccine event for employees and their family members. The week prior, the company notified employees of the opportunity to get a free vaccine and, so far, hundreds of employees have either signed up for the vaccine or already received their vaccination.

Hosting the vaccine event at the fulfillment center was an important part of making it accessible and convenient for employees. Tim McIntosh, general manager of Amazon’s Nampa fulfillment center, said he’s excited to see so many employees taking advantage of the company’s onsite employee COVID-19 vaccine program this week.

“This is an important step in keeping employees, their families, and our community healthy and safe,” said McIntosh in a room bustling with employees and vaccine technicians. “With this event, Amazon has removed any barriers to getting the vaccine: it’s free to employees and their family members, it’s very easy to sign up (or employees can just drop by), and it’s also very fast — there’s no waiting.”

Employees were eager to talk about their plans for when they’re fully vaccinated. Some will visit family members who are older or have preexisting medical conditions and live in other parts of the country. Others said they’re getting the vaccine just to help their community “get back to normal.”

“Getting the vaccine is important to me because I know some people in my extended family can’t get it due to preexisting medical conditions (MS) and I want to do my part to help keep them safe and get our community back to normal again,” said Cassy Chitwood, an Amazon employee. “I was nervous about getting the vaccine at other places but I trust my employer and when Amazon said they were going to make it possible for employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine I signed up and got it very quick. It was simple, fast, and easy to do my part to help keep myself, my family, and my community safe.”

“It’s important for us to all come together as a community and get vaccinated,” said employee Michael Clukey, who has worked at Amazon for almost five years, relocating from Pennsylvania to be closer to his family in the Treasure Valley.

Ahmed Osman started as an entry level employee in 2017 at one of Amazon’s Minneapolis fulfillment centers. He relocated to Idaho to help launch the Nampa facility last November. He hasn’t been back to Minnesota for over a year and said, “I look forward to getting fully vaccinated so that I can take a trip east to see my family.” Ahmed and his wife were vaccinated at the fulfillment center and, like hundreds of other Amazonians, will be back for their second dose in about two weeks.

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