John Yraguen Kiwanis Club

John Yraguen, right, owner of Nampa Funeral Home Yraguen Chapel, gave a presentation about the different aspects to running a funeral home to the Nampa Kiwanis Club on Jan. 25. Yraguen has been in the funeral industry for 40 years and noted during the visit that his desire to serve others is what led him to this business. He poses here for a photograph with Mark Hilty, Nampa Kiwanis Club president-elect.

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Today is unofficially University of Idaho Day on the Front Porch. This is because the university sent in both its list of Fall 2017 graduates and its Fall 2017 dean’s list in one fell swoop. So grab yourself a cup of something nice and get ready for two long lists (long is an excellent thing, I’ll remind you).

Congratulations to the following U of I graduates!


Jacqueline Zuniga (bachelor’s in child development and family relations), Brooke L. Winston (educational specialist degree in educational leadership), Yadira Zuniga (bachelor’s in exercise science and health), Adam Z. Ozuna (bachelor’s in journalism), Ettiene J. Soule (bachelor’s in English), Charles B. Kerrick (bachelor’s in fishery resources)


Jacob O. Murray (bachelor’s in management and human resources), Megan M. Quintana (bachelor’s in operations management), Esteban J. Lejardi (bachelor’s in accounting), Nickele J. Mainarick (bachelor’s in sociology), Rebecca Schroeder (master’s in natural resources)


Amber D. Kessinger (bachelor’s in psychology)


Favian R. Garcia (bachelor’s in animal and veterinary science), Jason K. Galligan (bachelor’s in biology)


Maxwell T. Gilmore (bachelor’s in computer science)


Justin K. Hinrichs (bachelor’s in mechanical engineering), Meredith C. Breen (bachelor’s in anthropology), Lindsey A. Leadbetter (bachelor’s in molecular biology and biotechnology)


Hunter A. Montgomery (bachelor’s in animal and veterinary science), Alexander R. Lycan (master’s in accountancy), Meagan E. Larrea (master’s in civil engineering), Luke E. Henderson (bachelor’s in psychology), Yanely I. Aceves (bachelor’s in psychology), Jamie M. Jarolimek (master’s in natural resources)


Justine L. Carlson (bachelor’s in horticulture and urban agriculture), Jeff L. Ranstrom (educational specialist degree in educational leadership), Megan N. Hasquet (bachelor’s in elementary education), Kayla R. O’Berry (bachelor’s in international studies)

… and its Fall 2017 dean’s list

Now for the University of Idaho Fall 2017 dean’s list students from the 2C:


Adam Abel, Ana P. Marcial, Andres Figueroa, Andrew J. Keim, Baylee A. Bullard, Belen Rosencrantz, Chanelle Brusseau, Charles L. Cupp, Cindy Neal, Danielle Van Lith, Douglas L. Waterman, Dustin W. Winston, Eric T. Robinson, Hailey A. Stewart, Jacqueline Zuniga, Jake R. Nuttall, Jamie L. Waters, Jazmin C. Flores, Jessica B. Gregory, Katelyn R. Adams, Katie L. Vandenberg, Katie M. Farris, Kelsea P. Bullard, Kelsie D. Hammer, Lindsey A. Jackson, Matthew J. Murphy-Sweet, Mihaela J. Karst, Mikaela M. Vaughn, Nadia J. Prevo, Nicholas E. Yensen, Richard A. Symms, Robi D. Salisbury, Sarah J. Smith, Shania M. Hall, Simon R. Barnes, Tori A. Morrison, Tyler A. Clemens, Vincent M. Groner, Yadira Zuniga, Yanira L. Madrigal, Zachary M. Schirado, Zachary S. Gipson, Zaira T. Velasco


Alisandro I. Garcia, Edwin E. Dilone Berumen


Ana K. Zavala, Ashley M. Burke, Janey A. Reeves


Alexandra E. Wilson, Ashton T. Hinrichs, Audrey A. Waite, Austin B. Fred, Bryce R. Graveline, Christina S. Huggins, Christine N. Tsarnas, Dominic A. De La Torre, Dominique R. Ramirez, Emily E. Gatchell, Emily R. Hicks, Justin K. Hinrichs, Kaitlin S. Brocke, Keanna M. Stokes, Lindsey A. Leadbetter, Marissa R. Hilliard, Timothy C. Barningham, Veronica Sotelo, Bradley E. Spencer


Abigail M. McCleery, Alex D. Lardie, Alexandria M. Kearsley, Amy A. Agenbroad, Andrew Rose, Anna N. Doty, Anson J. Lunstrum, Austin Grieve, Breanna N. Thompson, Briyanna E. Logue, Caitlyn E. Hamilton, Caleb D. Vernon, Cameron S. Moore, Cami Nichols, Carlos A. Auces, Carlos Garcia Espinoza, Carlos M. Simms, Casandra Clements, Catherine M. Yenne, Cesar R. Gonzalez, Christian J. Bachik, Christopher D. Kingsley, Donavon Rapp, Ellen M. Yenne, Emily R. Corisis, Ethan G. Dale, Gladys C. Hernandez Espinoza, Holden W. Montgomery, Isaac A. Muncy, Jacqueline C. Baxter, Jared F. Kellerer, Jennifer K. Taddiken, Jeremiah L. Edmiston, Jeremy R. Ellis, Jordyn M. McKnight, Josh H. Thacker, Karla M. Correa, Katelynn J. Metzger, Katherine R. Doty, Kelsey Stevenson, Kendelle J. Puga, Kevin E. Kennedy, Kourtney E. Floyd, Kyle J. Hild, Lindsey R. Clemens, Logan D. Hildman, Logan F. Cass, Lorena Tapia, Madison C. Bergeman, Mary Waldenmyer, Morgan H. McGee, Natasha N. Burton, Nicholas M. Sanchez, Pearce A. Roberts, Shelby F. Maris, Summer M. Merrick, Travis Fisher, Tyler R. Gonelli


Antonio Gallegos Buitron, Enrique Gutierrez, Francisco E. Bautista, Jessica A. Russell, Kyle A. Myers, Morgan T. Root, Sharleen D. Beck


Alexander M. Orozco, Ashly A. Anderson, Emmet Hibbs, Lawsen J. Matteson, Riley Haun

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