The Idaho Association of Secondary School Principals and the National Association of Secondary Principals has named Middleton High School’s Mr. (Mike) Williams as its 2016 Principal of the Year!

This means that not only is he awesome and hopefully threw a party, but he will be representing Idaho in the national program. He is also in the running for the National Principal of the Year award.

All the state winners are honored during a Principal’s Institute in Washington, D.C., every year, and that event also functions as a “forum for honorees to advocate for education and share best practices and expertise,” according to a press release we received from Middleton High School’s assistant principal, Ms. (Lisa) Pennington.

Ms. Pennington said one thing Mr. Williams has done at Middleton High that makes him exceptional is that he is an “instructional leader.” I find this kind of intriguing. She said he “engages in developing tiered professional learning communities among staff,” which I take to mean the teachers and staff teach each other within an established hierarchy.

Taking it one step further, Ms. Pennington said Mr. Williams supports “personalized professional development (PD). The outcomes of this PD are individualized teacher learning plans aligned to professional goals that support teacher instructional practice and web-based professional portfolios.”

Basically, Mr. Williams really looks out for his staff and faculty, and they look out for each other. What a great learning and working environment, don’t you think?

Congratulations, Mr. Williams. I hope the school year is going well for you and that you stick around for a long, long time!

Young Vision Charter musicians perform well at district competition

I’m taking a minute to give a shoutout to Abbagael Smith and Robert Ellis, two Vision Charter School students who, according to Vision Charter board clerk Sammy Samuelson, performed exceptionally at the District III solo and ensemble music festival (in music, a competition is called a festival. Not sure why. Perhaps because they are given ratings instead of being scored against each other).

Abbagael is a sophomore, and she played the bass clarinet along with accompanist Paul Riebe, a Vision Charter senior. She’s been playing since she was in the eighth grade, making this her third year with the instrument, and her performance received a superior rating, the highest possible!

With that score came an invitation to compete at the state solo and ensemble festival in May in Post Falls. That competition will include college scholarships, so good luck, Abbagael!

As for Robert, his score wasn’t in when we heard from Sammy about it, but he’s an eighth-grade French horn player. According to Sammy, “the adjudicator was very excited to hear his performance and stated he believed Robert will be invited to compete at the state level next spring as a freshman.”

No pressure, Robert, but my best wishes. Keep practicing, both of you! Also Paul. Let’s not forget the accompanist.

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