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Sometimes you don’t have to go far to be awestruck.

But it’s also true that sometimes you forget about the beauty that is all around you. This week, Idaho Press photographer Jake King reminds us that yes, there are jaw-dropping vistas less than a gas tank away.

Jake, who moved to the high desert, foothills and mountains of Idaho from the flatlands of Texas in 2019, shows us through his newcomer’s eyes what we’ve been looking at — but perhaps not really appreciating all along.

Jake shares some more of Idaho’s beauty and they are all places we can easily visit. Be sure to practice social distancing and taking other safety precautions such as wearing masks.

What are you waiting for? The Idaho outdoors is calling and now is one of its most beautiful times of the year. Grab your fishing poles and your hiking boots, pack up the family, put some of that cheap gas in the car — those ‘70s prices won’t be around forever — buckle up — and ride off into a glorious Idaho sunset.

Jeanne Huff is the community engagement editor for the Idaho Press. You can reach her at 208-465-8106 and follow her on Twitter @goodnewsgirl.

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