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Imagine at age 14 or even younger, you learned your life’s mission was to not only produce a male heir to a foreign country’s throne but to secure peace and avoid war for your country’s survival.

Marie Antoinette’s story hits the ground running as the future teen queen plays those cards dealt to her when high-born women were cosseted and corseted as the vessels of future powerbrokers and had little say in how their love lives would unfold. Emilia Schüle is perfectly cast as this iconic last queen of France, from her arrival at Versailles as a teenage bride with a mission to deliver the next heir to her transformation into a rebel determined to fashionably influence Versailles, with all the authority and believable prowess that you likely have witnessed ever in a story of her short life.


Emilia Schüle plays the titular teen queen in “Marie Antoinette” on PBS.

Marie Antoinette - Ep6

Louis Cunningham portrays Louis XVI in “Marie Antoinette” on PBS.

Marie Antoinette - Ep6

The kind Princesse de Lamballe is portrayed by Jasmine Blackborow in “Marie Antoinette.”

Marie Antoinette hair

Sebastian Quinet works on a hairstyle for 'Marie Antoinette' star Emilia Schüle.

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