Moonshiners' Steve Tickle while building a still

Tickle looks to the side while building a still. On selecting a site, Tickle said: “You look for certain things in a still site. You want a good canopy overhead; you need nice water; you want to make sure that the woods aren’t heavily traversed.”

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As American as apple pie and a proper regional tradition dating back to the Whiskey Rebellion of 1791, Discovery’s series, “Moonshiners,” now in season 12, celebrates the tax-evading artisans who make the shine, frequently handed down in multi-generational traditions that are woven into their cultural history. They’re damn funny, too, and have captured an audience who argues online about the veracity of their exploits and never misses an episode. Cast member Steve Tickle, more commonly known as “Tickle,” has been through the holler and back, with a few prominent arrests and miraculously finding love in the middle of all that mess.

Now, Tickle talks to the Idaho Press and sets the record straight: They do make illegal shine running and gunning, and they also have legal brands distributed across the country, capturing both ends of the mash-loving market.

Moonshiners' Steve Tickle

Tickle puts hose water in the still while Henry has his thumbs down in the background.


Discovery’s “Moonshiners,” now in season 12, celebrates the tax-evading artisans who make the shine.

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