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Luke Olsen’s father wrote the best-selling book “Outdoor Survival Skills.”

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The coming summer of survival continues as reality TV takes a sophisticated turn for elite athletes to compete. And Season 10 of History Channel’s award-winning series “Alone” pits 10 survivalists against each other as they endure the changing seasons from mild to monstrous in northern Saskatchewan, Canada.

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Ten survivalists each choose 10 items to take with them as they compete on “Alone.”

With just 10 selected items and a camera, each participant must survive in isolation recording their journey and narrating their daily life — the humorous, banal, and the dramatic. Personal struggles and triumphs fill the video feeds.

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Survivalist Luke Olsen now lives in Hawaii, but he still has roots in Idaho.

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Luke Olsen’s family owns Miracle Hot Springs in Idaho, and he plans to develop a wellness center on adjacent land.

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Luke Olsen’s father, Larry Olsen, is the author of “Outdoor Survival Skills.”

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