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1. Never limit your personal definition of success to just one aspect of your life. Family, career, community service, wise use of natural resources, spiritual growth, dedication to healthy living, intimate relationships and the ability to bounce back after setbacks among others, are key attributes of balanced success and fulfillment.

2. If what you do doesn’t challenge you, do something else that will. That is the only way to experience growth.

3. Change before you are changed. Nowhere is growth recorded to have occurred without change.

4. To hit a high point in life, aim higher. No one has ever hit high by aiming low.

5. When you forget yourself for others, others never forget you.

6. Take time to have intimate moments with your loved ones. Those moments later become precious memories.

7. Reconnect with those who were a positive part of your life in the past. They do bring new thrill to your life.

8. Make someone’s life better with your resources or presence. That guarantees you a life of fulfillment.

9. It is impossible to please everyone. Do things to accomplish your mission in this world, not to be appreciated.

10. Even when you do your best, there is no guarantee you will be congratulated by everyone. There are 2% of people who always find something wrong with anything.

11. If your parents can thank God because of how you make their lives better, know God is listening.

12. Write poems, stories and/or songs. That is the way of being in touch with your inner being and to appreciate God and His creation.

13. Take time to be alone. A hike, gardening or sitting under a tree are known to rejuvenate the soul.

14. Nothing renews your hope for a better tomorrow during grief than your faith.

15. Learn something you can do should you have no job tomorrow.

16. Be part of something bigger than a career.

17. Create something that will outlive you.

18. Never waste your miseries and failing experiences. There are people who are paid to talk about their past miseries and failures.

19. Ask yourself, “Did I do all I could with my time today?” before going to bed.

20. A few minutes of planning what you want to achieve can save you hours, weeks, months or years of crisis, low performance and general dissatisfaction with life.

21. Have one person you can trust with anything.

22. Never relinquish your position as the CEO of your life to anyone under any circumstance.

23. Your attitude towards life should never depend on things beyond your control.

24. Forgiving others is a proven therapy for hurt feelings.

25. Do something with your children that they will miss when you are no longer available.

26. Associate with people whose character you admire more than their accomplishments.

27. Befriend achievers even if you are an average performer. That is like a donkey running with horses. It beats other donkeys.

28. Your courage will open doors of opportunities that skills, money or knowledge can’t open.

29. In life, saying, “Help me” is not a sign of weakness.

30. Never compare your beauty with that of a younger generation. You are beautiful for your age.

31. You can’t re-live today. Experience it to the fullest.

32. Find something to make you laugh every day.

33. Do puzzles, crosswords and Sudoku. They not only stretch your thinking but keep you humble.

34. Read, read and read books. You will be a better person and/or more professionally equipped.

35. Make someone cry with your act of kindness that he/she didn’t expect.

36. Exercise regularly. This will reduce medical bills, improve digestion and enhance your sex life.

37. Never expect government to make your life better. It’s run by human beings.

38. When you give to God, make it proportional to your blessings.

39. A heartfelt prayer in the morning will brighten your day.

40. Poverty is not a lack of material things. It is the lack of dreams.

41. Honor your loved ones who have passed on by living your life in a way that would have made them proud of you had they been alive.

42. To love and let someone love you is the greatest of human connections.

43. People’s lives are shaped by common human experiences such as marriage, having children, travelling, experiencing illness and the death of loved ones regardless of race, religion, education or economic status. Learn what you have in common and all people will be your brothers and sisters in life experiences.

Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku is an international speaker and author of “Overcoming Buffaloes at Work & in Life.”

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