I have a new favorite word and, no, it’s not “hygge.” Similar to “hygge,” though, this word looks like you dropped a random handful of Scrabble letters onto the gameboard in an attempt to convince your friend that it’s a real word. My new favorite word is “phrop.”

January is the time for fresh starts, new awakenings and for some, changes to their wine consumption. One such change that is popular is planning a “Dryuary.” The concept behind “Dryuary” is simple; followers take a break from alcohol consumption on the month of January as a sort of reset on…

I love a good crime thriller. I get a kick out of movies where dogged police officers match wits with cunning killers. These types of stories get my pulse racing, especially when they are paired with a stylish director and a talented group of actors.

Last week I wrote about the difference between “capital” and “capitol.” My research opened up a can of worms, which is what I wrote about two weeks ago. While researching when the word “capitol” needs to be capitalized I stumbled upon the topic of “capitonyms.”

On my birthday this year, just three weeks ago, I got a most unwelcome present — a positive COVID-19 test.