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CALDWELL — In search of a new CD to listen to in my car, I came across Idaho Vinyl Records.

It seemed like a cool place from what I saw online. And then it exceeded expectations.

The shop is inside Avalon Antiques, an even bigger antique shop with more than a million items for sale, based on an estimate from a cashier. Avalon, at 524 Cleveland Blvd., has about 30 local vendors who sell their wares in the store. 

The place is so full you have to be careful where you move so you don’t knock anything over.

In front of one aisle read a sign: “Buy 10 $1 Records Get 10 Free.” While most records were sorted alphabetically or by genre, The Beatles earned their own section.

Among the cassettes, there was music by The Beach Boys, Van Halen and Fleetwood Mac. The available CDs included Celine Dion, Bruce Springsteen and Eminem. Of course that’s only just a tiny sampling, but the variety was vast.

Out in the antique shop, sifting through the antiques for sale felt like traveling through time. Books from the early 1900s lined a shelf. Old postcards sat nearby. Close, too, were household decorations and Coca-Cola signs from bygone eras.

I settled for a Kenny Chesney CD and a map of Idaho’s state parks. But the time spent exploring around was of far greater value than the $6.80 I spent.

Said the woman at the cash register: “Lots of history in here.”

Paul Schwedelson covers growth, Nampa and Caldwell. Follow him on Twitter @pschweds.

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